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It's tough to take this woman seriously with a herpes sore as big as a billboard. 😳...😆
She probably has armed security 😳
WHO Now Says COVID Vaccines Not Recommended for Healthy Kids & Teens Let's hope this ends the push #BigPharma is attempting to make #covidvaccines part of the mandatory vaccines children must take. #politicsandsports #diedsuddenly #myocarditis
NEW: BIG QUESTIONS WITH BIG JOHN #PODCAST #LibertarianParty POTUS candidate, Joshua Rodriguez, joins Big John and lays out his policy proposals, and intent to be a President for the People. #joshuarodriguez #conservatives #libertarians #mises #ronpaul…
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Mr. Oliver - We've been interviewing the LP candidates for POTUS on our "Big Questions with Big John" show. Would love to have you come on and have a discussion. Previous episodes here: Feel free to DM us and we can arrange a convenient time.
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Mr. Mapstead - We've been interviewing the LP candidates for POTUS on our "Big Questions with Big John" show. Would love to have you come on and have a discussion. Previous episodes here: Feel free to DM us and we can arrange a convenient time.
Two points: 1. He wasn't on trial for "making fun of Hillary Clinton." He was on trial for publishing memes directing Hillary supporters to text their vote to a (fake) number instead of going to a polling place. The Feds claim that 4,900 people bypassed voting in favor of…
BREAKING: NYC jury finds Douglass Mackey GUILTY in first-ever meme trial for making memes that made fun of Hillary Clinton in 2016. If you want justice, avoid New York like the plague.
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#DerrickHenry trade rumors: #Titans GM denies shopping RB This is a hole they'd have to fill. Truth? They wouldn't get much for him, thus keep him and do what you need regarding the salary cap. #sportsandpolitics #fantasyfootball #NFL #NFLDraft
New "Free For All" #Podcast - Feminism Panel Discussion - Sports Grumblings Guests: Bryan Caplan Kat Murti Cathy Reisenwitz -Feminism anti-male? -Discrimination by right -Promoting #feminism -More! #politicsandsports #libertarians #mises #ronpaul
Intraparty battles here are no different than other parties. However, the Classical Liberals owned the party since 1971. They had no success, thus the rise to power of the Mises Caucus. Since the Libertarian party is made up of various factions, intraparty battles have begun.
This is normal BUT unless you come to a consensus, you'll be as impotent as the #GOP has become. This is where Reagan's Rule of 80/20 comes into play, but today's society is completely tribalistic. Classical Libertarianism is an easy example of an ideology that is 100% purist. If……
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#ClintEastwood to Direct Final Film of His Career Still doing more than many in their prime at 93. As a director and actor, he is unparalleled in Hollywood. #politicsandsports #popculture #culture #Hollywood
USWNT Announces Surprising Roster Update: Julie Ertz A marketing move. The most she'll contribute is as a veteran leader. Physically, she's likely done but this gets good PR and press coverage. #sportsandpolitics #fantasysoccer #uswnt #soccer #futbol
NFL annual meeting buzz SG's Brown Grumbler stated immediately how #LamarJackson would water down his contract. It's logical. He's priced himself out of the market. #sportsandpolitics #fantasyfootball #NFL #Ravens
Big Questions with Big John - Mike ter Maat, #Libertarian POTUS Candidate Big John and Mike talk: - Gold New Deal: Mike's platform - 10th Amendment - An end to the Fed - More #libertarianparty #miketermaat #conservatives #libertarians #ronpaul #misis
I guess Pelosi cut class the day “Innocent until proven guilty” was being taught.
The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law. No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence. Hopefully, the former President will peacefully respect the system, which grants him that right.
Twitch Lays Off Over 400 People, CEO Steps Down The "free" mentality for pretty much everything Internet is creating chaos with revenue generation. Progressive don't get it. #politicsandsports #streaming #gamer #gamergirl #conservatives #libertarians
Sports Grumblings' Big Questions with Big John #Podcast Interviews with Sports Grumblings' founder, and former Sirius XM host John T. Georgopoulos. - #Politics, #PopCulture, Comedy, and much more! #conservatives #libertarians #fantasyfootball
#Masters guarantees drama with #LIV golfers sharing the stage #MeanGirls drama but these players won't resort to fisticuffs. Look at them: dadbods and caviar. Drama will increase ratings. #sportsandpolitics #fantasygolf #Golf #PGATour #PGA #LIVGolf
More data coming out that doesn't bear good omen for the #COVIDvaccines.
I published an official resolution suspending the clinical trial review committee of the Military Hospital (PFIZER vaccine Covid19). The audit report is public, the irregularities detected were very serious, but the committee decided to archive the investigation #Concealment
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