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Retired Vet, have seen the worst of men in war & at home. Freedom is not about YOU, it's about ALL and for sure isn't about DJT. If I offend you too f'ing bad.

Joined February 2021
Me too, telling him to fuck off is fun.
President Trump has his Twitter account back. I can't wait for the first 'mean' tweet!
Happy birthday President Biden. Hope you have many more and continue to lead our country toward a better democracy.
You're a stand up comedian right?
Donald Trump has never lied to America.
Sad to hear Ronno, I guess everyone can't be smart and you've proved that many times.
States and counties don't have enough election sites and counting locations to do this. They'd need a lot more money and more people and it still might not be enough. Accept how states are doing it now and move on.
Elections should be held on one day. Photo ID should be required. Ballots should be cast in person with exceptions only for military and homebound. Results should be known on the night of the election.
Replying to @SenTedCruz
Ted the guy that takes in all kinds of money from Big Oil , is telling corporate greed isn’t a problem.
You're exactly right. Until Donald there was no shitbird in the White House that was there to represent shitbirds like you. He was unique in that regard.
The left hates Donald Trump because, for the first time in a long time, We the People were truly represented under his administration.
I miss nothing about that SFB Gymbo. Just looking forward to indictments.
Your retirement savings miss President Trump.
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Are you senile or just stupid?
Herschel walker clearly won a double victory tonight. He proved he could debate for those who doubted and he outpointed warnock decisively.
Herschel Walker DOMINATED tonight’s debate!
I live in TX and it's getting harder and harder.
Name one state you would NOT want to live in.
If you're a denier like you yes
Watching cartoons more informative than January 6th fake hearings!
News flash T. Donnie is stupid and after shitting his pants will show how much he is.
BREAKING: Jan. 6 panel votes unanimously to subpoena Donald Trump I can’t wait for President Trump to embarrass these clowns
In your dreams little Nickie.
PRESIDENT Donald J Trump.
You boys are grasping at straws. BTW, it's not working.
Joe Biden is the inflation president. This will be his legacy.
You weren't there B so you have no idea what was said.
Joe Biden demanded a political favor from Saudi Arabia and begged them to hold off on slashing oil production until after the midterms.
Does it hurt to watch Republicans testify and tell the truth Leo?
America: Do not watch the January 6th hearings: Waste of time!
I think they're still waiting for that.
What does MTG actually do for her constituents? 🥴
If Donald Trump becomes President again in 2024 with Congress under the control of the Republicans, will our country survive as a democracy or will we become an autocratic state?
If you hope that Beto O'Rourke wins after he just heeded Joe Biden's call to action on marijuana by announcing that when he becomes governor Texas will "finally legalize marijuana" and "expunge the records of those arrested" for its possession — retweet and follow us!
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