How have I not changed my bio til now? Haven't written about Skins for years. No one should follow me. User name = inside joke that hasn't made sense since '09.

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Apropos of nothing, I just did a google to confirm my childhood memory of a late '80s gritty reboot of the Hardy Boys in which Joe’s girlfriend is killed by a car bomb in the opening pages. Having previously read the stuff from the ‘50s it was, um, a rather jarring shift in tone.
Spent a fair amount of time today just looking at these in a state of confused melancholy. A change is probably right and necessary. A name/logo is just an arbitrary symbol, but arbitrary symbols matter to people, even when you know all the problems with it.
Mass protests = best possible sitch to spread pandemic. But its legit life/death moment for republic. Your risk calc, depending on who u have contact with (ie who you might spread it to). No judgment for prioritizing loved ones. But if worth risk, see you at Lafayette tomorrow.
The worst quarantine people are whoever in my development keeps narcing on their neighbors for smoking weed on their balconies. It’s the third one of these we’ve gotten since lockdown. Everything sucks, let your neighbors smoke a joint if that’s what gets them through. Christ.
It arrived on Opening Day... hooray, I guess?
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I still pull this up about once a week and then just sit quietly for the next 15 minutes or so…
Who the hell buys the hardcover addition of an annual?
From @bomani_jones, saw this Clowney highlight film from Senior yr high school. There’s 11:45 of this!…
Ox choke? RT @MattBowen41: 2-Man blitz from '03 season with Arrington (56), Trotter (54) & Armstead (98) at LB.
Why couldn't they have had this when Lastings Milledge was playing?…
Don't try to start the wave, a-holes MT @JamesLiamCook: remember there are sniper nests dotted around the stadium…