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Teal 09 to 12, Cadets 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16, BAC 17 and 18. FMBC Hall of Fame 2017

Joined April 2016
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If I know your ensemble and you post Bigoted, homophobic or racist remarks I will take action. I will take tolerate that in any shape or form. So if you do expect a phone call from your ensemble director.
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Ukraine update🧵 January 25th This update is brought to you by Peg-legged Pegov, he looks pretty roughed up. It would be helpful if you like and retweet this tweet.
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BREAKING: Senior FBI official who led 2016 investigation finding no link between Trump and Russia, Charles McGonigal, has now been arrested for taking and laundering money for Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The Kremlin infiltration of America goes VERY deep.
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Ukraine update🧵 January 18th This thread it brought to you by a Russian occupier with his recently found love. It would be helpful if you like and retweet this tweet.
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The World needs more like this man and less like the billionaires we see running their traps
Aurora, Colorado: Please meet eleven year old Jude Kofie…
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Preliminary $TSLA China CPCA Dec sales (domestic + exports) of 55.3K were the lowest third month of a quarter in 5 qtrs, but have to be kept in the context of the massive Covid outbreak in Dec and TSLA’s efforts to smooth the quarter-end delivery wave.
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I think every who supports him needs to hear this.
"The honorable Donald J Trump of Florida has received one [vote]" *members start laughing*
A lot of people need to read this one.
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Ukraine Update🧵 January 4th This thread is brought to you by a veteran from the RU 10th Separate Special Purpose Brigade deployed in the Kherson region. It would be helpful if you like and retweet this tweet.
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Louisiana soon to have the largest number of free VPN users in US. I am for keeping minors off of adult sites, but any minor worth their salt can defeat this.…
How to double down on someone who has already been owned. Great work
The guy who filmed Andrew Tate's response to Greta Thunberg
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I am tired of the homophobes in the South worrying about people a little different from them and not worrying about people just like themselves
SEVENTY EIGHT. That’s the number of verified child sex-trafficking victims who were groomed and recruited out of Ron DeSantis’ state-run foster care in 2021. ZERO. That’s how many were recruited from Drag shows. Guess who’s being investigated.…
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📸 Stepan-the-Cat, one of the most famous Ukrainian bloggers who also did an ad for Valentino, is back in Kharkiv where received a picture of kitty-the-firefighter resuing another kitty. We believe he liked it.
Not only falling, they lay in yhe road for warmth when sun comes out. They will flatten tires.
BREAKING | I'm issuing an IGUANA WATCH for all of central & south Florida. An Iguana Watch means temps below 40 degrees are likely for several hours leading to lethargic Iguanas. Impacts may include falling Iguanas from trees, which can cause damage to property and people. #FLwx
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It is gonna get cold tonight
Wind Chill Advisory?! YES, you heard us right (and you're not dreaming)! There is a wind chill advisory out for portions of South Florida TONIGHT from 2 to 10AM. 🥶 Advisory, or not, the wind chill temperatures will be cold. Bundle up if traveling outside tonight. #flwx
I have a question; is the prices cheaper, nope. So the cost isn't labor more into owners pockets. This is just the return of the Automat that was all the rage in the 50's. Why pay same same price for no service.…
That is one of the greatest sporting matches I have ever witnessed. #FIIFA
Time to look behind the curtain.
NEW: Elon Musk has spent decades building something big — himself. The world’s richest man crafted a visionary persona by making huge promises, and won billions despite failing at most of them. We teamed up with @_SecondThought to tell the story of how Elon Musk got rich.