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✡️I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!! #Resister that’s always voted BLUE Bklyn made me who I am/LoveisLove/Lets kick the gop to the curb November VOTE DM’s=🚫

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Charter schools should not be entitled to public money. I can’t find an argument justifying why my tax dollars are being diverted to pay for a for-profit education system.
I am so sorry I watched @DanaBashCNN interview @RepAdamSchiff @ericaswallow and @IlhanMN All I heard was her question their integrity she seems to have lost all hers @CNN is garbage
Hey @DanaBashCNN what is it that you don’t believe @IlhanMN is saying? Time for you to go to fox
Why’s don’t ya just admit it?
Elon Musk ordered Twitter to suspend a left-wing activist's account Anti-fascist activist Chad Loder's Twitter account was suspended in November 2022. A leaked internal Twitter message shows Musk directly ordered the suspension.…
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Thanks Seattle Times for this list of people who made fun of Paul Pelosi. Hold them accountable:
Doubt it will happen will come up with some kitschy comment instead
This would be a perfect moment for @elonmusk to apologize to the Pelosi family- I can't think of a more impactful time for him to use his power, influence and platform to express contrition & compassion.
Hey @elonmusk nice mtg with McCarthy? Oh right you happened to run into Hakeem not planned we know what’s with only meeting with R’s?
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BREAKING: George Santos allegedly forged somebody else's signature on a federal financial document. I am really tired of this asshat making a mockery of our laws. He needs to be booted.
you guys have GOT TO follow @themattfriend hysTERical
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Friends - @RepThomasMassie you said no more $$$ to Ukraine because we have roads, bridges & tunnels to fix back here in the US. My lord you useless waste of tax paying dollars. You voted against Biden's infrastructure bill!! WTF Tommy! And you voted against Veterans & 9/11 Heroes
What’s up @elonmusk or sorry Mr Tweet?
BOMBSHELL: According to @GeoRebekah, Ron DeSantis’s Twitter account bought nearly 100,000 fake, paid followers in a two-day span in April 2022. That is a direct violation of the @TwitterSafety’s TOS rules.
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Time for naps Damn earthquake had us up at 2:30
Any SoCal kids feel that rumbler at 2am?
what a piece of 💩 he turned out to be
So @elonmusk just reinstated Nick Fuentes. Maybe the most vile antisemitic, incel, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Hitler lovers in the United States. Musk alone has built back extremist infrastructure and access to the mainstream. No other large social media site has done this.
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Biggest mistake this country ever made
How did someone that claims to know so much about so much completely phuck up a perfectly good soc media site @elonmusk
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Replying to @hugolowell
While I want to remain optimistic, an indictment is not a conviction (although it looks like a lock), Trump can still run for ‘24 with that hanging over his head & his base will eat it up! #IndictTrumpNow #IndictTrumpAndHisAccomplices #ConvictTrump #TrumpIsGuilty #FultonCountyGA
Imagine This isn’t even the bottom!
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
No need to fabricate when the truth speaks: Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and this FBI agent were being paid by the same Russian Oligarch. Also the same Oligarch for whom @LeaderMcConnell was lifting sanctions. The @GOP is compromised.…