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Job less 59 yr old, i love my Prime Minister and my country

Kanayam, Palakkad, Kerala
Joined February 2022
Replying to @BJP4Keralam
It's not bring any impact in Kerala. Because Kerala bjp leaders not interest to show a united approch.
Replying to @pbhushan1
Mr. Bhooshan your duty to destroy the nation,
Mr. Bhushan you are jealous man, no medicine, people of country not care you
Replying to @BJP4Keralam
In efficient Kerala bjpunable to make this issue seriously simultaneously central govt also failed to protect youth of Kerala
Fir deri kiom proof Karo? Black mail se apko bjp minister post minla bahuth muskil hai samyji
Replying to @PMOIndia
Dear PM sabkuch acha kar raha hai, garelu gas ka dham bahuth jatha hai.o apka party keliye Katra ban jayega. Reduce kardijiye
Replying to @RahulGandhi
Thum kuth maloom nahi kia karna hai, fir india ka bath kartha hai,eak Congress party ko thum sambal nahi paya, fir desh ko kisa sambalega
Replying to @AamAadmiParty
Bekoof kesarival joota Vada karke deshko badnam karna chahatha hai
Replying to @RahulGandhi
Bekoofi math bolo Rahulji, first you make yourself a capable knowledgeable administrator.
So why central became silent? In efficient state bjp leaders a burden of bjp. So revamp
Replying to @AmitShah
Only for talking, in Kerala brashtrachar is high, youth are not getting jobs, cpm cadets getting jobs in all govt sector. So no need education now in state. Otr side governor and cpm ministry is fighting, dismiss the state govt with out any delay, and cancel all back door aptmnt.
Replying to @PMOIndia
But your vision towards Kerala different lacs youth sitting ideally and cpm cadets get aptmt all govt jobs. Ur govt became silent. Why?
Replying to @JPNadda
Dear bjp president,don't close ur party's eyes towards kerala.things are going very getting only cpm cadets back door aptmt. Central govts responsible to protect all states. So pl take necessary action and protect the people of Kerala.
Replying to @BJP4India
Why bjp close their eyes looking Kerala happening, i understand bjp no guttts to do anything? Lacs of educated yuva sitting idle but cpm put lacs of their cadets in psc and other govt sectors appointment in back door.central govt rsponsblty to protect evry state.
Replying to @BJP4India @JPNadda
Dear bjp leaders, garelu gas ka price cum kardijiye. Middle class not afford this. One day people of country definitely react. So pl reduce cooking lpg price.
Replying to @pbhushan1
What is your contribution of India me. Bhooshan,
The Respected chief minister sir, Sir i bring your kind attention regarding kulapully kanayam road shornaur, the condition of road is very very bad condition. Travel condition is very difficult this road. So pl take urgent consideration for the above. Kanayam resident Subramanian
Replying to @Swamy39
No need, nobody support you Mr. Samy
Replying to @anandmahindra
Sir, i am 59 year old jobless, before I am working gulf small salaries job. But I am given education my daughter today she got second rank in MDS pediatrics Dentistry from Calicut medical College.KUHS. no savings with me. So I am worry
Bjp 4 india bhauth bekoofi kar raha hai, garelu gas ka kimmat abi be Kam nahi kia, Jo middle class poor hotha hai una monthly budget bahuth muskhil me chal raha hai.