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Jan. 20, 2021: The YUGE cloud over America lifted; going forward is possible again. #Biden presides; #Trump crimes, denies & lies. Welcome to the snark side.

Queens, NY
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Two weeks later & the hits keep coming! @Ally #savings #interest ⬆️ additional 9.09%; 1⃣7⃣th ⬆️ in the past 1⃣9⃣7⃣ days - an ⬆️ about every 12 days - totaling ⬆️ 500% more from where it started. 👏 @Chase still paying that oh-so-attractive 0.01% APY. (0.33% of @Ally's rate.)
The #grift must go on since #Ronna says #RNC will no longer pay his legal bills - yeah, right - so now all #MAGAs will be forced to show their fealty to #FatandFurious45 by buying new #MAGAGA hats and merch.
Will the parents of the groom - & whoever else in the wedding party -be given a look at the #stolen #NARA #documents #FatandFurious45 still has before or after the ceremony? Or did they get to see them at #MarALago when they were being forced into #NDAs & a prenuptual agreement?
#FatandFurious45 just absolutely rage shitting, er, "truthing", all over #FoxNews, #NYPost, #Murdoch and #DeSantis on #unTruthantiSocial is the best #Christmas/#Chanukah presents a Caucasian atheist can wish for. And, the gifts are seemingly endless!
When he's not spouting usual lies, #stablegenius #FatandFurious45 on #unTruthantiSocial is pouting he's not being showered with platitudes for single-handedly causing #bigliest #midterm under-performance in history for #Republicans. Wasn't running so couldn't be him, says he!
#Midterm #election 2022 day wasn't a #RedTsunami, not a #RedWave, not a #RedPuddle. If anything it was a #RedTrickle. Like blood in the urine, a signal that there may be a #cancer within their organ(ization).
Anyone hear from @DonaldJTrumpJr today? Or is he still passed out from all the "medicine" he probably took to cope with the #midterm #election results?
It appears that #FatandFurious45 has awoken from his #ketchup stupor & is back on #unTruthantiSocial. Taking credit for EVERY #Republican win (whether he endorsed candidate or not). Also, proving he doesn't understand that there's much lower turnout in #midterms.
Looks like #MeinPillow head case, er, honcho, #MikeLindell is angling to get sued some more over on #unTruthantiSocial.
Nothing from #FatandFurious45 on #unTruthnantiSocial in last 12 hours? Guessing the #MarALago staff must be placing #yuge orders for new dinnerware and tanker-sized #ketchup refills.
Another week or so - another increase. Getting so used to this it makes me 🥱 @Ally #savings #interest ⬆️ another 10%; 1⃣6⃣th ⬆️ - in the past 6⃣ (!) months, totaling ⬆️ 450%. 👏 @Chase still paying that whopping 0.01% APY. (0.36% of @Ally's rate.)
I may just go back to bed for the rest of the day and night and ignore goings on. I did my duty and #voted. When I wake up - or within days anyway - I'll know whether or not we're just on a 2 year countdown clock to the end of the republic or, if it will survive.
I am not confident that fix to #ECA will fix anything. Just becomes harder to subvert. #Federal-level #elections post #primaries - including #Senate & #House - need to be segregated from #state-level elections. One common #voting system, one central tabulator, one common sense.
FWIW, I'm going to play according to the Twitter TOS as posted, which hasn't been updated since June 10, 2022. If Elon wants to change the rules let him edit the page.
In my mind I'm trying to come up with an #autocorrect for #HerschelWalker's "#Martian" statement and..........nothing is coming up. Zilch.
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Why wait for a #Fed increase? @Ally #savings #interest ⬆️ another 6.38%; 1⃣5⃣th ⬆️ - I skipped celebrating the previous one - since May 10, '22, totaling ⬆️ 400%; 5x what the rate starting January 1 was. 👏 @Chase still paying that whopping 0.01% APY. (0.4% of @Ally's rate.)
Why does @MapQuestHelp keep trying to push this new web version that sucks ass juice and is useless when they had a perfectly usable version that worked pretty damn well?
Up, up & up! @Ally #savings #interest ⬆️ another 7.14%; 1⃣3⃣th ⬆️ - I guess I didn't get an email for last one - since May 10, '22, totaling ⬆️ 350%. 👏 C'mon, Fed! When's the next rate increase? 👍 (@Chase would have to ⬆️ by 22,400% ‼️ tomorrow to match the @Ally rate.)
If anyone is interested in listening into tomorrow's court proceeding with Judge Dearie, he has provided a remote call-in option (keep your phone on mute) @AWeissmann_ @JoyceWhiteVance @neal_katyal @tribelaw