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Waiting for your (MTG) response to this tweet.
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Wrong on so mañy levels.
Hope she can read & understand your tweet.
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I'm sorry, what's your point? The vaccines were mandated? Did the arrested or fine all those that ARE still unvaccinated? The mask, humm, there were ways around them. But statically & logically, they saved thousands of people.
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I've always heard stuff like this or worse about her before she married Trump. That seems to be his type after his second wife.
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Ugh. Cld almost be a goofy cartoon actor
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Why can't she be both?
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We shouldn’t even be talking about trump showing up in East Palestine with some shitty ass expired water bottles & MAGA hats. We should be talking about his goddamn indictments & calculating what to anticipate in prison time. This is all just so endlessly f’ng frustrating.
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Ever wonder who pd for all this? The supplies, the trip, the PR? Ckd it out. Hint: It wasn't Donald Trump.
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Great decision. What was he gonna do for them? A huge donation? Drink the water?
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He's nothing
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Russia or North Korea
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What's the difference?
Wow, I’m old enough to remember when they promised social security was not on the table. It was last Wednesday, I believe.
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BREAKING: 156 House Republicans released a plan to raise the age of qualifying for Social Security to 70. RT IF YOU OPPOSE RAISING THE AGE OF SOCIAL SECURITY!
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Bring it...Send this guy to the Federal Prison for life...Enough is enough..Americans are tired of his playing dodge ball the law..accountability..He is not above the law..Take away his pension, his right to ever run for Office again..He is a criminal!