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Do republicans actually do anything or are so consumed with hate that logic and intelligence have no place in their lives?
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It really means I am a vulgar and uneducated.
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The idiots who don't get vaccinated put us all in danger...polio, rubella etc were eradicated because it's a health issue not a political one...yet the obese, smoking, drinking say I don't want the vaccine in my body...morons!
No knock on Eli but he avoided contact, curled up sometimes before getting hit, was never asked to run.
Agreed, but vaccination became a political not health issue and disinformation is as rampant as the virus. As long as 35% of Americans refuse to het vaccinated this is our new reality.
NFL refereeing is inconsistent and way too subjective.
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Science? Science is the enemy of progress....religion is the enemy of free thought.
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Strength of schedule
We need your toughness Pep...get back soon!
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Oh no what will we do?
If he's that good the NFL will find him wherever he plays.
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Haven't read the article, however, of it was so grotesque...why not just leave and get a job?
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Of course they have, the lawmakers they protect endangered them because to the GOP blue lives matter unless you're with the capitol police.
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Coaching is not to be overrated
No more jerseys, hats, travel to away games, no more going to that abomination of a stadium NOTHING...until Mara sells the team or hires competent football people who understands you build a team inside out...OL and DL first then fill in "skill"
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Osteen and anyone who gives him money are just plain stupid.
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Give him a needle
Yeah and the team around him 3specially the OL is a top quality line...btw since 26 can't find a hole to run through does the same apply to him?