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These countries have made themselves into cultural colonies of America. Self-colonization. Embarrassing.
The French are protesting American laws that only apply to our nation
"hegemony" blah blah. No one forces them to care about the US more than their own countries, or to let their traditions fall to the wayside in favor of American idioms/events. It's cringe, and shows the utter senescence of Europe politically & culturally.
Europeans who complain incessantly about US cultural imperialism but who can't shut the hell up about the purely domestic goings-on in American politics are among the most annoying of human types.
Watching this restores my patriotism & dampens my Europhilia. Nothing we do is as stupid as this crap, which occurred in summer 2020 too. Reveals that they know their own countries don't matter at all, and that they have no better recreation available than to cosplay as Americans

Jul 3, 2022 · 1:18 PM UTC

I wrote this in a fit of patriotic pique, but also out of a deep love of Europe & a true desire for diversity. I don't wish to see US hangups & talking-points everywhere. If we're going to foot the whole bill for these nations' defense, let them at least preserve their cultures.
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No doubt, I love those people. But Macron said a lot of dumb crap about Roe, too. The PMC in Europe and their avatars are, increasingly, like these protestors
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The Old World addicted to pax & lex americana. First came Mickey Mouse, WW2, arts, peanut butter. Now all subsumed into this dichotomy of "it's them but it's also us." As all things empty and woke go, bereft of an explanation as to why each country cannot care only about itself.
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Really? I do not remember actual sedition and an attempted coup in the Summer of 2020. I remember people protesting about the brazen murder of a Black man. Yes, some bad actors took advantage of the situation to commit burglary & destruction, but the majority were peaceful.