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When Liz Cheney says this (and she DID), and I actually agree w/her, my work here is done.
The greatest threat to our national security is not a red Chinese spy balloon. The greatest threat to our national security is the fact that an Insurrectionist -- who stole 300+ top secret documents and unlawfully concealed them from the FBI/DOJ -- is running for President again.
NO. Especially since the Gov't has been collecting interest on it, since I have been paying it!!!
Do YOU feel that "Social Security income" should be taxed ???
No need to shoot down the Chinese weather balloon. Ridiculous. Once Elon Musk buys it, It will crash in minutes.
Yeah, shoot guns in the air, at a target that is too high to hit; what could possibly go wrong??? BTW, would this make her an accessory to MURDER???
Marjorie Taylor Greene urges fans to shoot down spy balloon
I'd be more worried about a self-destruct feature, that could kill and/or hurt people....which is why the "shoot it down" crap is kind of reckless . Then again, Politics before people, right Marsha??? Then again, we can wait until it goes over YOUR house, if you want...
As the Chinese spy balloon heads over Tennessee, I have three words for @JoeBiden: Shoot it down.
Starting to think that the Over/Under for SCOTUS Justices quitting in disgrace this year will be 1.5 (I'll take the OVER).
The corrupt Supreme Court has just given domestic abusers more gun rights. Any thoughts?
Now he knows how his constituents feel...
🟡SCOOP: George Santos tells @kadiagoba a prospective staffer recorded their office conversations. “He's violated the trust that we had in him,” Santos said. They expect audio to be published later today on @TPM.…
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"A good guy with a grinder," as we say in Massachusetts...
Played too many video games?
Cool! Go see it in Foxboro, right after you sign the 1-day Contract!!! (lol) Thanks for a fun & terrific career, Tom! I was a season Ticket holder for all of it!!! Best of luck going forward!!!
Now that I’m retired I have time to go see @80forBrady four separate times today.
...and to me, just wearing that thing, is a slap in the face to anyone who suffered a loss, due to those death machines...right @GOP ???
Andrew ‘Ordinary Tourist Visit’ Clyde proudly explains how he owned the libs by passing out AR-15 pins in the House this week. The 2023 Republican Party …
Helluva Point!!!
Why is it that a lawyer has to go to school for eight years in order to understand the law enough to practice it, but a law enforcement officer only takes six months to learn the “law” enough in order to enforce it? Inquiring minds want to know, because maybe that’s the issue.
If Explosive Diarrhea had a face...
"Trickle Down Economic" BS & giving the country away to the wealthy is his Legacy. Period.
Classic cool
You're still a Mensch Rick. Best of luck to you! Condolences to the Baer Family.
Replying to @RealPitino
You're still a Mensch Rick! Best of luck to you! Condolences to the Baer Family.
Too bad there isn't one to prevent @GOP from selling #GOPSNAKEOIL
Replying to @Acyn
“Amendment prevents the President from selling oil.”
George Santos kept score for him...
“Trump told tournament organizers he played a strong round on the course Thursday, two days before the tournament started, and decided that would count as his Saturday score for the club championship.”…
Americans, meet the newest member of your coronavirus pandemic committee.
Because they're talking themselves into this garbage, since their reputations are now attached to it???
WHY are they ALWAYS angry?