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Are you an arsehole? Do you hate the poor? Foreigners? The disabled? Great! Then #VoteConservative
Got a response from my MP finally! He said that it would not be wise to replace a Wartime Leader. WTF
Nvm it turned up a few hours late. Some notice would have been nice!
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Imagine being an MP for a party that has been in power for over a decade, and thinking that spending an hour in a food bank makes up for your years of being a hideous cunt
Today I visited the Dover Food Bank with Scarlett Smith, where we put together parcels for people this Christmas time. Scarlett also handed in donations of food and toys for Christmas that she has been collecting. I was so impressed with the vital work of the Dover Food Bank
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Hi @Jeremy_Hunt , as one of your constituents (GU10) please could you let me know how you can support this current government who have knowingly breached Covid laws multiple times and lied directly to us all about it? May 15th 2020.
As a 50 year old film fan I've got my favourites, come rain or shine, love my movies. Tonight I watch @edgarwright s Last Night In Soho and it's... A masterpiece... Like watching Citizen Kane on first release....
Love @edgarwright so was looking forward to his new film. 20 minutes in and we've had all the Spaced visual flair. Is this it? Mehhhhhh Enter Matt Smith. Jesus Christ. Sensational, and then it just keeps on going..... Fuck me this was incredible Don't troll us like that Edgar!
Terrible night's sleep at the Manchester Central @premierinn due to noisy fans and breakfast staff so understaffed there was not enough food or crockery. Bloody awful, avoid.
Hi @oliver_wright , your story on Visas says 27 HGV drivers applied. Johnson has said this morning the number is 127. What is the situation? Did he literally just add 100 so it didn't sound so shameful?
Hey @cineworld whats up with your Covid policy change? When i booked tickets for Bond it said there was distancing between seats. Turn up and the house was packed. Checking the site now, this statement has been removed.
Would be great to win this! #XboxShangChisweepstakes
The Xbox + Marvel Hero collab you've been waiting for. Follow and retweet with #XboxShangChisweepstakes for a chance to win a custom Xbox Series X and controller inspired by @ShangChi and the Legend of Ten Rings. Ends on 9/18/21 at 8pm PT:
I would watch wheelchair rugby on TV #iwouldwatchwheelchairrugbyontv