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Yeah get the fuck away from Twitter and suck my cock Elon
The only question without an answer is why
who’s your comfort youtuber? the one you fall back on when there’s nothing else to watch
So in October, TF2 will have outlived Overwatch “The TF2 killer” by… 9 years. Ooh so close Blizzard
The world would be a better place if Mark Zuckerburg had been aborted
The perfect night to sink into the floor and die
So I’ve heard HOTD is actually okay, does that mean GOT S8 was just a failed inbred child between the books and the showrunners?
Oh no, the big bad corporation’s gonna lose money over this, boo hoo. This will literally not change shit
Congrats to the GTA6 leaker. You probably delayed the game by another year or two at least. Hope you’re proud of yourself.
See? Shut the fuck up and go change your diaper
Can we talk about how good Spider-Man RTX looks?
Just thermo-nuked the stinky fr*nch in Civ6
Somebody’s gotta do some kinda post-modern fantasy media. I want medieval times AFTER the modern day damnit.
To save a dying world from its funkless hell
Of course I’m a masochist, I beat Elden Ring on M&K like 4 times
Oh cool they’re doing the thing they SAID they wouldn’t do
Experience the full Shinobi fantasy in our future open world RPG title set during Feudal Japan: Assassin’s Creed Codename RED. #AssassinsCreed
But I thought the cope was that it was supposed to look like that
Marvel Studios 'fixed' the CGI for Axl's floating head in #ThorLoveAndThunder 😂
What do you hear when it’s totally silent?
feeling emotions that aren’t there?
It’s so much easier to love something than not. Love is just there and you feel good but you have to put energy towards hate. Just do what makes you happy