Gas and nuclear are not green energy sources. Taxonomy should fulfil its ambition to be the global gold standard for sustainable finance and pave the way to the 🇪🇺’s alignment with the Paris Agreement. Today we will ask the Commission to do so 🔴📺…

Jul 5, 2022 · 2:33 PM UTC

Coal definitely better You're right
Encore des climatoseptique qui s'attaquent aux nucléaires.
Nuclear is low on emissions, which is still the main goal, uses the lowest amount of resources among low carbon sources, by far, and is one of the safest energy sources. Gas does not belong in the taxonomy, but there're limits for gas so that's not reason enough to reject the DA
Doing the work of the fossil fuel industry here, great job
Why are you spreading lies about nuclear? You know very well what happens when nuclear i reduced. We've seen in germany that reduced nuclear means increased fossil fuels.
You're half right. Gas is clearly not green, but nuclear is, by any rational definition. Both in terms of climate and public health risk, nuclear's impacts are negligible compared to fossil fuels, and are similar to renewables.…