Destroy the core!

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I found out! It didn't make sense for the GT to be source of the issue, so I checked with other sources and it's the headphones, branded Sony but def fake and audio is swapped haha! Mystery solved, gonna have a chat with a certain eBay seller now.. Trivia, guess the real one!
Sadly 8BitDo 's Retro Receiver for Genesis / Mega Drive isn't currently compatible with JPN Mega Drive Switch controller : it's totally unrecognized during the pairing process. Please add support for it @8BitDo !
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PS1/PS2 Retro Receiver, please 8BitDo..
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In the case of A212: visually looked Ok.. Damage appears minimal.. But ! While desoldering the smell was putrid and liquid had in fact started soaking the board. I'm waiting for replacement Nichicon caps..
After replacing with a proper wire and actually soldering to the shield, buzzing was reduced 80%. Also realised RGB21 ground pins 4/8/14 aren't even connected at all..
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So I bought 3x #Scart to JPN #RGB21 converters from @retro_cables and experienced major audio buzzing relative to screen brightness. Typical Ground issue. Let's pop them open..
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O = Confirm is the only logic way, support.
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Happy birthday and thank you for the wonderful memories !