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A list of 10 questions would be good #AskUrMLA Will you do your job? Bengoa? Exploit Brexit to grow Jobs? Integrated education? Release stadium funds? Mutualize NIW? Social housing? NICS reform? Climate change? A civic assembly? Flegs don’t matter to most
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‘It is wrong, in my opinion, in a democracy that one party, maybe representing 25% of the people, is able to veto the establishment of a government. That is not democracy.’ Jeffrey Donaldson.
Petronilla de Midia
It’s excellent
Anyone here watched Sherwood? Is it worth a try?
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BUILD the Circle Line already, increase passenger numbers AND support local business. 1 train every hour in either direction will not keep this Coffee Shop open. @CEOTranslink_NI @Translink_NI @SteveAikenUUP @JohnBlairMLA
Great opportunity for retail or coffee operator at #Antrim Bus and Train Station - details here…
Can I just remind you: The DUP, Jim Allister, Jamie Bryson, Ben Habib (doesn't live here), Kate Hoey (also doesn't live here), Pastor Rusty (huh), etc do not speak for all Unionists here. I DON'T want any part of their hatred or be part of their vision for NI. #NIProtocolBill
Third turned up and we got a pint 🍺 on way to the gate Deep Joy
Deep joy 2 check in desks for 100 people
Deep joy 2 check in desks for 100 people
@belfastairport say turn up 2 hours early We’re here But where ARE the @easyJet check in staff ONE desk for 70 people!
Well said
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Unconstructive duplicity? Not the principled consistency of Thatcherism or the Teflon of Blair. Time for a Major rethink. @JulianSmithUK hasn’t gone away, we know.
DUP taking us all for a ride They get paid We get played
Fair play @theresa_may and @JulianSmithUK abstaining in the Shameful vote on NIP last night Incredible a few DUP Godfathers and their connections are trying to overturn the will of 500 million people. This is neither legal or democratic
I wonder how well ⁦@BeattieDoug⁩ and ⁦@uuponline⁩ are getting on planning for #AE22.2?
@duponline⁩ is now poison for the entire UK political set up
Indeed You’ve done your research
He calls it shortly after Recess : 1. Avoiding Standards Committee, 2.Before Winter of discontent, 3. Just as Autumn energy payments hit Voters’ bank accounts. ‘We got the cost of living down’ , (thumping the lectern). Cements his dodgy leadership with a new (reduced) mandate.