The government funded Kurri Kurri gas power station is going to turn a profit, the government says, which is precisely why the impact to the budget is shown as "not for publication". Is getting ridiculous.

Dec 16, 2021 路 4:28 AM UTC

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How much info like that can they legally withhold from publication?
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'It'll turn a profit. We won't tell you how and how much. Just trust us'. No one should trust a govt who favours secrecy and wasting $Bs in public spending.馃槧馃槨 #AustraliaDeservesBetter #Auspol
Way to ruin Snowy Hydro's reputation. I'm leaving.
True! If it was such a great investment they'd be publically touting the profit margins.
Make it duel purpose build a urea plant at the dame time