Notre instance Nitter est h茅berg茅e dans l'Union Europ茅enne. Les lois de l'UE s'y appliquent. Conform茅ment 脿 la Directive 2001/29/CE du Parlement europ茅en et du Conseil du 22 mai 2001 sur l'harmonisation de certains aspects du droit d'auteur et des droits voisins dans la soci茅t茅 de l'information, 芦 Les actes de reproduction provisoires vis茅s 脿 l'article 2, qui sont transitoires ou accessoires et constituent une partie int茅grante et essentielle d'un proc茅d茅 technique et dont l'unique finalit茅 est de permettre : une transmission dans un r茅seau entre tiers par un interm茅diaire, [鈥 d'une oeuvre ou d'un objet prot茅g茅, et qui n'ont pas de signification 茅conomique ind茅pendante, sont exempt茅s du droit de reproduction. 禄 Aussi, toutes les demandes de retrait doivent 锚tre envoy茅es 脿 Twitter, car nous n'avons aucun contr么le sur les donn茅es qu'ils ont sur leurs serveurs.

35yo Native American, Constitutionalist with 3 boys and a beautiful wife. Right or Wrong I will argue if you don't give proof. Pronouns: His Majesty/His Honor

United States
Joined July 2009
For my new followers: I am not for a political party. I support your 1A right agreeing or not. I am a data hog so if you need data on a topic let me know and I will pull what I can but be forewarned it may not support your view I deal in facts. Lastly follow @IroquoisHistory
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Hawks usually have impeccable eyesight. JS.
This person identifies as a hawk trapped in a human body
Cool cool cool. Now do every Muslim country and see if that doesn't come back to bite you in the ass.
Kirby threatens economic sanctions after Uganda passes the "Anti-Homosexuality Act."
If a former president ended up in prison would a secret service detail also have to be in prison with them?
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NEW VIDEO! This. was. CHAOS. - AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade To celebrate the launch of the new generation of upgrades, AMD is giving away five AMD 6750xt GPUs to five lucky winners. Enter here: #sponsoredby @AMD
I have no doubts that @GordonRamsay's pans are great but .45 off is hardly a deal that's going to get people to buy.
"Back in my day there were only 151 Pok茅mon" Is the oldest I've ever sounded when talking to my kid.
Median is not the average.
A new report has found that single women take an outsize role in the economy
So... JB Weld?
馃挜 This metal repair gel is an excellent alternative to welding repair 馃啋 Can repair any broken or cracked metal or other things 馃洅Buy now馃憠
Love this one's threads
THREAD: Proof Kari Lake lost her election and that Republicans are election deniers.
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Are we still pedaling this bullshit?
You paid into Medicare and Social Security your entire lives. Now, House Republicans want to cut it. President @JoeBiden and I will protect these bedrock programs.
Imagine being such a sociopath that you try to make a living off the traumatic experience of you and your peers then trying to convince the world that the problem is guns and not sociopaths like you.
You have no right to a gun. You are not a militia. When you鈥檙e talking about your second amendment rights you鈥檙e talking about a states right to have what is today the national guard. The modern interpretation of 2A is a ridiculous fraud pushed for decades by the gun lobby.
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They mentioned James 12 times in this video. Still trying to ride on his coattails.
A message from the Project Veritas staff We have and always will remain loyal to James' vision, our mission, our country, and our supporters #Resilience
Biden is on the verge of starting WWIII but sure let's focus on partisan arguing.
Extreme MAGA Republicans and their insurrectionist allies literally want to rip America apart. House Dems will continue to focus on bringing everyone together.
Fun fact: If World War III is started and the US institutes a draft all those M2F trans people will be drafted.
We will always put people over politics except when we don't like what those people say.
We will always put people over politics to make progress for everyday Americans. But never bend the knee to an extreme MAGA Republican agenda.
A human lies?!?!?! OMG!!!! The shame.
Well, gosh, Tucker, I didn't expect you to just come right out and say it. 馃憖
"These weapons can and do fall into criminal hands" as they show the police made me laugh. Yes, Yes they do. The police are criminals.
Police discover secret underground bunker with treasure trove of firearms and a shooting range and arrest him because apparently you can't do that in Australia. Sad!