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Agile is good but is also to mu h pressure on the team.. Great products from tech gaints never had agile.. Also my personal opinion is that we should not have agile methodology in healthcare and life threatening projects..
When I said tech gaints like Google when they introduced gmail or search engine never followed agile methodology.. May be they might follow now, as it has become industry standard.. I feel some times agile restricts your out of box thinking as we are all concerned about
Releasing user stories with in the sprint days. Usually it will be 10 days of sprint I am sure you are going to build great product no doubt about it.. But putting tech team to deliver end of every sprint is going to put pressure , will be focused only delivering the product.
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Just releasing user stories within 10days(normal sprint days)
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Congratulations, was roma part or fittr earlier?
For me being born as human is blessing and comes with more responsibility
Just would like to update you once bangaluru was retirement paradise..
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Learn kannada at least to communicate with locals..
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Thanks for slashing the price, I was always fascinated about genes.. I have opted for genomepatri and myfitgene
Hey @WazirXNFT, I am looking for a Creator account to share my artwork with the community. Looking forward to getting green-listed.🤞
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Thanks to technology and social media, YouTube,udemy etc etc , you have learnt a lot and learning never stops, I am twice your age.. 🤣.
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Booked in few seconds
@ayushi7rawat I just saw this Typing LinkedIn gets your profile
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Just one doubt where should Palestinian people go, don't you think the settlement in Israel in West Bank illegal.. Isarel migrated during thr zionist movement some where around 18th century and during first world War.. What Hamas is doing is bad act firing rockets on isarel..
Now recent fight all erupted because Israel did not give permission to worship in al aqsa mosque they fired tear gas,
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Israel from BC they never had any state, they just occupied Palestine after the zionist movement started and during the WW2.
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There is another gem movie from Tamil Kaka muttai do check out
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Wow Karupu durai was awesome.. Need to watch the other Malayalam