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And @apa1906NETwork got #AlphaPhiAlpha in partnership with @WhenWeAllVote, BECAUSE it’s endorsed by Michelle. #NPHC signing up to see shucking & jiving for the vote, to prove Black loyalty to disloyal politrictians.
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America been supposedly trying to bring development & greater services to #RuralAmerica. But America’s financiers don’t want #RemoteWork to take hold. But wouldn’t the fanning out of high tech workers give the so-called “lacking incentive” for corporate investment? 🤔😏🫣
Exactly why I don’t want to #DefundThePolice. Rather, focus all that military grade equipment & excessive force tactics on this real & legitimate threat to National Security. @NAACP & @NAACP_LDF might consider THAT for the good of #BlackPeople AND the Country.
The right-wing extremist group known as the Oath Keepers recruits military and law enforcement officials as a means to gain legitimacy and access operational knowledge, says security expert Arie Perliger (@APerliger).
They gon tell you @GiorgiaMeloni is #FarRight. But I know one thing! I ain’t hearing no other leader of the Whites calling out #France & @EmmanuelMacron for continuing to rape & pillage #Africa & #AfricanPeople. #BlackPeople inform yourselves…don’t just listen to the media
The new Italian Prime Minister, Georgia Meloni, telling the world what she really thinks of French President Macron. The next EU meeting will be interesting. 🔈
So @wbmosler, as I understand #MMT, taxation is the targeted way to bring down #Inflation by removing excess liquidity. @trussliz says she needed to cut taxes en lieu of slowing growth. If she’s right - which I doubt, how then does the system address inflation & growth in tandem?
When you realize, the only reason #WesternEconomies gave women the right to work, was because they could squeeze no further growth out of a “males only” #LaborForce #WomensRights
The greatest weapon China has against the West, is #ZeroCOVID policy. It has served to cripple Western supply chains & bring Western economies to recession.
If #France is making #FrancophoneAfrique pay for “the infrastructure France built during the colonial period,” why shouldn’t former #French colonies “make” France pay for the use of the land & resources for which said infrastructure was built? 🤔 Creative #Reparations
Once I saw S&P #PMI come in better than expected, I was just WAITING for the ISM to throw folk for a loop, by showing weakness. There it is…
The #UK had the chance to choose @RishiSunak. Yet, despite NEEDING someone who MIGHT understand the economy, #British #WhiteSupremacy compelled the @Conservatives to believe @trussliz had the answer. Less than 2 WEEKS they are already trying to get rid of her. “Cut your nose…”
Psalms 59:6 “You gave a sign to those who fear You, So they may flee from the face of the bow.” Do you see the bow, pointing its arrow at your face? 🙏🏾
I wonder how @washingtonpost & @andrewvandam cld do this article w/o mention of the #InsularCases, which make it CLEAR that “US Citizens” in these colonies would NEVER be afforded the full rights & privileges of US Citizenship - because they weren’t majority White? 🤔 #USVI
Curious how once an agreement for #Iranian oil falls thru, their are protests in #Iran hoping to topple the uncooperative regime… #CryHumanity
They want you to believe in the global economy that believes in you being no more than a production input & unit of consumption.
So the #UK brought a #BlackMan to come in and secure the wealth of the rich & protect their economic buffer zone between themselves & the #Lazarus’s of #GreatBritain. @KwasiKwarteng
I finally get it. #QueenElizabethII checked out before the #Pound collapsed & the #UK becomes a “shithole country.”
If we are facing a “#DollarShortage” don’t the Treasury need to start printing…? 😳🫣 @wbmosler
These boys work 12 hours a day in the Swiss company Nestlé farms in the jungles of Ivory Coast, each carries an average of 3 tons of cocoa for about one dollar. The company turns this cocoa into Kit Kat, Quality Street & Snickers chocolates & sells one kilogram for about $84!!!.
#WWII was instigated by #Germany & #Italy. We now have #German rearmament & #Italian resurfacing of #fascism. Yet somehow, #China & #Russia are the threats…