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To understand the Ukraine war, you need to look at all four dimensions of this tragedy. It is simultaneously 1) a civil war, 2) a clash of ethnonationalisms, 3) an empire's attempt to reclaim its vital province, and 4) part of a struggle for global supremacy. Let me explain./1
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Well, they don’t want us.
Il serait temps de regarder vraiment ce que fait Wagner.
#Russia-n led logging company "Bois Rouge SARLU" is exploiting #CentralAfricanRepublic forests without paying any taxes to the state. Once again, #WagnerGroup is there for profit and not the developement of the country!
Ambassador Martinon said that "moderate #Talibans" have never existed. Some are more pragmatic than others, all lean towards reactionary policies, none does a good job governing #Afghanistan. Since #China is supporting them, they feel more at ease implementing their policies.
#Afghanistan🇦🇫: In a further harsh restriction to Afghanistan’s media, the Taliban have issued a decree instructing all women television anchors and broadcast journalists to cover their faces while on air.@IFJGlobal ifj.org/media-centre/news/de…
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Who runs the world? Cats! Ukranian Cat by Christopher Furlong
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"Scholz & Macron haben zudem einmal mehr auf einen sofortigen Waffenstillstand & einen Rückzug der russischen Truppen gedrungen. Sie riefen Putin ferner zu ernsthaften direkten Verhandlungen mit dem ukrainischen Präsidenten Wolodymyr Selenskyj sowie einer diplomatischen Lösung"
"Laut Elysée-Palast forderten Deutschland und Frankreich ferner die Freilassung der gefangen genommenen rund 2500 Kämpfer, die das Stahlwerk in der Hafenstadt Mariupol verteidigt hatten"
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I fully agree. Scholz belongs also post-war generation which has been hammered at school with shame & responsibility toward the whole world bc of Nazism. Germany is prob. the only country worldwide where schoolkids are confronted to the horrors perpetrated by their grandparents
I think you underestimate feelings of German themselves about the idea of a "strong" leadership.Many of not really "happy" decisions by A. Merkel reflect the fact that Germans don't want to be responsible for an explosion of EU.
The speech is way longer. Please check where it took place, for whom: at the German Catholics days, a huge event with thousands of people.Special place for a special reflective speech. I am no fan of Scholz but it’s important to replace facts in their context.
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This is an excerpt of a much longer speech he gave at the « Catholics days » taking place right now in Germany. It’s a question he raises, not a statement for any sort of « capitulation ». The speech is much longer, take time to read it and to look to whom it is addressed.
Der Gipfel des Zynismus: Russlands Verteidigungsminister Sergej Schojgu behauptet, die russischen Truppen kämen "aus Rücksicht auf die Zivilbevölkerung der Ukraine" so langsam voran. Weil man ihnen Fluchtkorridore freihalte. t.me/rbc_news/49899
I see that many are angry about high gas prices, high food prices....Blame the people who didn't want to stop Putin when he invaded Ukraine in 2014. And think about how high the costs will be in another eight years if we don't stop him now.
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A good army knows when to retrograde, refit and then move back to offensive operations. Ukraine in my opinion is playing smart and seeing if Russia will over extend IVO Severodonetsk and then degrade forces with fires and when possible transition back to offense.
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Allez manger chez. Petits gestes grands effets.
In #Paris, the restaurant «La Bourse Et La Vie» was renamed to «Le Borscht Et La Vie» Alina, Julia and Ivan, refugees from #Ukraine, who are now working there & serving 🇺🇦 dishes for the guests. The restaurant proudly plans to transfer 5% of the total income to victims of war.
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German tanks are a political issue. I answered your question why the 40 Bios USD were supposedly not arrived in form of weapons in Ukraine. It takes time to built &/or replace modern heavy weapons. They aren’t available as a car in a 2nd hand shop. War is consuming a lot & fast.
The old German Leopard 1, first produced in 1956, & updated + produced till I think early 2000 could be produce in 6 weeks. The producer, Rheinmetall has offered to relaunch the production of this old model for urgent needs of Ukraine.