"MI-17 is supposed to be one of the safest helicopters, particularly this one was a latest version. Also, while carrying a VVIP such as the CDS, extra precautions are taken," says defence expert Major General DN Khurana (R) #BipinRawat Track updates: wionews.com/india-news/live-…

Dec 8, 2021 · 11:36 AM UTC

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This might be conspiracy set by India's external enemies with the help of internal enemies!
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Chinese hand??
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What is the Age of the Chopper?
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Helicopters are dangerous.
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This is not acceptable..how come helicopter carrying chief of defence staff crash like this ? Are these maintained well ? Pathetic state of affairs
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The issue of course being that “safest helicopter” is better described as “least dangerous helicopter”. Rotorcraft are inherently much more dangerous than fixed wing aircraft.
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Very surprising. If it is a technical fault, then it is shocking. If it is a planned attack, even more shocking. Govt. will get to the roots of it.
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But not fog and poor visibility , now being cited as reasons for the crash Ironic !