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Why do we say 'meddling' when the Russians called it 'warfare'? We have been and are at war... with Russia and ourselves!

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AKA these aren't talks and all was arranged beforehand by Putin and Xi. This is a show that DJT has to play along with while America's legitimacy and alliances are further torn to shreds, and Western & East Asian security is severely damaged.
The Federalist publishes its clearest proclamation for fascism yet……
Unvarnished truth from @TheRickWilson
1/ McCarthy's problem is the same as every single aspect of the legacy GOP and the gentry conservative media. They're all perfectly conscious of the depravity and danger posed by the MAGA iteration of the Republican Party. They live by three rules:
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What’s not being discussed about Trump stealing the 34 boxes of government documents is what he’s been doing with them. Massive debt. Empty folders. What has he been doing? @lauferlaw @LouiseMensch
This ⬇️ We are at war.
For 4+ years, many of us have been blaring the alarm about the military-grade propaganda behind donald. It is a weapon of war - launched against our citizenry - crafted specifically to destroy minds & our societal order, and it must be treated as such. A weapon of war.
What he said ↘️
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Poll: How many pardons will Trump issue before leaving office? @glennkirschner2 @PreetBharara @lauferlaw @BradMossEsq @TheRickWilson @SethAbramson
0% <10 (he’s done)
0% 11 to 25 (family/friends)
0% 26 to 50 (coconspirators)
100% 51+ (whoever pays up)
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Poll: How many pardons will Trump issue before leaving office? @glennkirschner2 @PreetBharara @lauferlaw @BradMossEsq @TheRickWilson
0% <10
0% 11 to 25
0% 26 to 50
0% 51+
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Let’s agree that Trump is only in power still bc of his enablers: @VP, @tedcruz, @LindseyGrahamSC, @mikepompeo, @RandPaul, @GOPChairwoman, @MarkMeadows, @stevenmnuchin1 and a handful more...
Before we get the fuzzies about Twitter’s removal of @realDonaldTrump, it may (underscore may bc I have no insight) be less about a violation of its TOS, and more an assessment that it could be in legal jeopardy if it didn’t suspend and there are future violet events and crimes.
Any person who did 1,000,000 at a workplace that @realDonaldTrump has done would’ve been fired and faced consequences long ago. Despite the corruption of the @GOP and its unwillingness to hold Trump accountable, the system must be redesigned so we can hold all to account quickly.
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Rudy Giuliani told this crowd that there would be “trial by combat”. He needs to be arrested immediately.
Nothing but this ⬇️
Edward Snowden is a traitor. He is responsible for the largest and most damaging release of classified info in US history. He handed over US secrets to Russian and Chinese intelligence putting our troops and our nation at risk. Pardoning him would be unconscionable.
Scamming his base (and everyone), once again...
The rest of the free world respects American democracy more than the Republican Party does.
Totally this! ⬇️
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Last night in Grand Rapids....
Many thanks to you, your team, and our partners around the world General Nakasone!
As tens of millions of Americans head to the polls, @US_CYBERCOM and @NSAGov teams around the world are fully engaged, working hard with our partners to defend our elections. We took what we learned in 2018, and brought it to an entirely new level for #Elections2020.
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This is key! ⬇️
From the campus of the University of Pittsburgh: YOUNG PEOPLE ARE TURNING OUT.