Simple "Insaan" sharing my knowledge(memes). Follow ka button dikh rha hai, "daba diya", sahi kiya, wahi dabana tha.

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I recently calculated my expenses of watching movies, . . . I had watched over "120" movies, which each time cost me ₹500~ticket, travelling~ and it ends up making 60,000 as total. If I had Invested it each time, It literally helped me a lot.
Celebrate your failures, because they plays a major role in your success 😀
Once Me, and my friends went for a movie, and we paid using @Paytm, and we received a cashback of 1000₹ And this thing made our day. This is luck.
Believe me, Reality hits very hard after teenage, you get to know about "THE REAL WORLD" in reality.
I think, Before Finding a company, You should find yourself first.
Never forgot the person "Who helped you in hard times". And Never forgot the person "Who leaved you in hard times".
Power of a simple comma(,) Lets eat, john. Lets eat john. See the difference 🤣
your WORDS are way MORE POWERFUL than you THOUGHT :)
Once "Elon" said click the star icon in front of --HOME-- and click the button see latest tweets instead. This will help you see new tweets instead of top ones. . . . . . If you already knew this just scroll.
Instagram pe couples(Nibba/Nibbi) se pareshan hokar, Accha bhala twitter join kiya tha socha tha yaha sirf ladai hoti hai, Aaj ye dekh liya #WeMetOnTwitter
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Did you know? The Guinness Book of World Records holds the record for being the book that is most often stolen from public libraries. Ironic, isn’t it?
Hey today I discovered something new, there is an option in twitter to see trending tweets. Click on the # icon, it will take you to explore.
Zindagi imtehan leti hai, I felt this.
A friendly reminder, Never connect to a public network, and if you are connected with a public network, don't enter any personal information over HTTP sites, check for a lock icon near URL. . . H4ckers may steal your information from networks. Using: MITM attack.
Aa jao saare, aaj toh maja aane wala hai.
Can someone suggest me a brand name related to ed-tech.