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PC building/gaming enthusiast. Anime enjoyer. Omega Male. Libra. Aromantic/Gynesexual. DMs open. I hate politics, cheese, and spoilers

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Did I slip into some alternate reality or something? I swear I've never once seen Kobe called Bean until now
I miss @Wendys original bbq sauce. Not just because the spicy/bold sauce itself was S-tier compared to their current D-tier "sweet" bbq, but because the round sauce containers were the perfect shape for all nuggets, and had the most satisfying sound when peeling them open.
When Bloodborne is trending but not because they're finally porting it to PC... sad
Still waiting for an option to turn off the "sensitive content" blur garbage
Worst part of Kiriko's character is she's canonically in her 30's, but acts/talks like some cringy high school kid trying to be cool.
Hahahahaha "abusive" chat suspension for calling someone sweaty 🤣 way to go @PlayOverwatch your automated suspension system is unbelievably bad.
Oh look the same generic copy and paste response from blizz. "After a thorough review of the action taken against this account, we have confirmed the action to be correct." Yeah don't give me the proof I asked for lmao just rely on the awful automated system.
Twitter just won't let me log in thru Chrome nice
Oh yeah and Jim is the main person I think of regarding this, he's so bad at gaming.
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It's a shame some people ragequit in the first hour of playing because they couldn't figure out how the crafting works.
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“Phoenix, it’s me. Believe in yourself.”
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You can get overwatch coins faster through microsoft rewards points than by actually playing overwatch...lmao
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These are obvious account deletions with no tweets & no log in for years
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Oh... a PC hardware page is retweeting furry art and one is named
Good soup is a saddening thing to waste.
Just a fraction of my ability as Hampter in #Overwatch
callin it now, the 'tesla semi delivery event' (dec1) will either never happen, or will be a few barely functioning empty husks of trucks. Just like his solar roof event, his battery swap event, his tunnel unveil event, his hyperloop unveil event etc....
Weird how I can get suspended without trying on my main overwatch account, but if I try to get suspended on one of my alts, nobody cares.