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I admit, even though I'm a kinky gay guy, I cringe when I see nudity and sex and fetishes in pride events. The reasons are simple, and tied together: I believe in the logic of indecent exposure laws, and thus believe that such activities - while celebrated - should remain private
I mean, it's fine if you want to take pride in your sexual lifestyle, but if you're literally having sex and BDSM and watersports parties out in public, my mind immediately thinks "Why is this allowed under public indecency and lewdness laws?" Guess I'm just old-fashioned in that
If you're going to show it off as part of an educational demonstration to allow people the chance to understand what makes it enjoyable to you and why and how it can be done in a safe manner, then fine, but doing it just because you're horny and want to flaunt the law? Eeeehhh...
So... Apple just revealed... a satellite phone, something I remember we distinctly had back in the 90's. Yes, it's now got the power of a normal smartphone to go with it... but you'd think it would've taken sooner than 2022 to invent this. I swear, Apple's like Nintendo, this way
By that, I mean that they take old-ass tech from back in the day, "reinvent" it, and call it an innovation rather than a replication. And their consumers eat it up like candy. Oy...
Broke: Winnie the Pooh basic Woke: Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey Stoked: Winnie the Pooh: Cum and Honey: A Porn Parody
Something I find stupid in this country: It's easier to get a legit assault rifle here, than it is to get a G1 or Masterpiece G1 Megatron, which turns into a fake gun. Seriously, what is wrong with this country?
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"It's nice to have an actual body for once." The Headmaster-turned-Maximal, TORAIZER, is complete! An idea tossed at me by @Brentosaur a while back, it took me awhile to make it work, but I'd say he's become a pretty stellar piece! (Retweets Appreciated!) #Transformers #Maccadam
"Americans who can't afford homes somehow have the money for passports and the means to move themselves and their effects to Europe, and buy a home, there." SUUUUUUURE, Bloomberg, SUUUUUURE....
TFW you find out that the version of the Addams Family musical you saw at the local theater differs from the Broadway version, and as such you got cheated out of potentially implied tentacle rape of a guy...
While, as the son of a crooked cop, I support the ACAB movement, I can't help but wonder, if we DO wind up getting into a policeless state, the government will set up some sort of thing like Star Trek's Section 31 to bypass the safety system put in to replace police for power?
How is it that, even after the BS he's been spouting, Boris Johnson is the bigger man between him and Trump by resigning his position as Prime Minister, while Trump is still ranting about how he actually won against Biden and incited a coup to block Biden's administration as prez
I swear, if the outrage over all of these mass shootings were actually palpably real, instead of going towards "thoughts and prayers", I guarantee you half of the fucking country would be swarming with Red Lanterns, by now...
I also like how Jones calls it "AI computers". Like, no, really? What other form of AI or computers ARE there? I mean, okay, there's crab computational power, but that's only a theoretical, and we'd need millions of them to run Doom, so...