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I block people who turn off responses so that they can create a barrage of unchallenged propoganda based on supposition, bullshit and lies. *plonk*
The shadow education secretary Bridget Phillipson has announced.. A Labour government would introduce breakfast clubs for every child in every primary school in England. Excellent. I always wanted to pay for other peoples children. Bravo.
It's called an election, doofus.
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Its about time we had an "opt out" or "opt in" on these leftie socialist proposals.
England 馃挬馃挬馃挬 again, another pathetic display of batting. Surely toast now. #ENGvPAK
Yessss 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩
Squeaky bum time 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩
Can we now at least acknowledge that Southgate is absolutely fucking shit?
Someone please tell me why we keep picking that useless clown when we have Guehi available. It's pathetic.
I was saying the Government was short on brains, integrity and honesty. Silly me. What it's really short on is forex positions in Sterling.
KSI is playing. Clattentwat is the referee. It's at the Big Top aka clown stadium. It's finished 8-7 to someone called "the sidemen".
Well wasn't that shit. #ENGvITA
Starmer photographed through a window by a Tory hack on private land when he's in a work meeting and doing nothing wrong = 10 days' continuous slander in the Daily Fail and a 拢100,000 nugatory police investigation. Tory Chancellor at Queen's funeral as high as a 747 = silence.
Oh shower of Scotland, why must we see This shite again...
Gout. Ouch. Symptoms: Pain in big toe, swollen foot, stiff all the way up to my knee, huts like sin if cat sits on it, and repeated lectures from rest of family about a life of dissipation.
Think Son might possibly be back in Spurs' starting lineup. Maybe.
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People of twitter I need your #followbackfriday help. I currently have 80 followers which is frankly astounding but it would be nice to get to 3 figures.I will definitely follow you back #gtto
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I re-tweeted someone else's #FollowBackfriday forgot my own! If you are centred and to the left with your political views, have your 馃憖open to our corrupt Gov, want change, please follow. No bot's or pervs. Re-tweets welcome, ty 馃槉
Marketing E-mail just now from Virgin Sport. "Is this the best month of sport ever?" Is it fuck #cpfc