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If a person didn't want to listen what you say,,Then No matter how beautifully and logically you say..They didn't Listen..
Being Alone is so much better than being with someone who makes you feel Alone..
No single Thing is perfect by itself. That's why we are Born to attract other things to make up for what we lack.. Itachi Uchiha
If you cannot Live your Life with Freedom,, then that life you lived is Not Yours..
People makes mistakes. Some learn from it.Some accept it as their fate. Some regret their Decisions.
Nuclear Energy is Better and Cleaner..
When you hate to do it.. Then don't do it.. But when you feel lazy about doing it.. Then atleast try to do it..
What is the fuel that runs the humans??.. Money.. No.. Status.. No.. Fame.. No...Gold..No.. Emotions.. No.. Power.. No.. The status of Mind.. Yes..
Being in relationship is not the root cause of pain.. Expectations in relationship is the root cause of pain..
It is not 'Never give up on your dreams'..It is 'Never divert your thoughts from your inspiration '..
Become Strong to forgive..Not for seeking Revenge..