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Pro wrestling. Probably listening to the Grateful Dead. Boneless wings are for dorks.

New York
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Canadian groundhog Fred found dead moments before Groundhog Day event in Quebec
I've started watching Soap Always wanted to watch this show. It's this and WKRP that are left on the sitcom bucket list.
Clue Airplane! Superbad
Well, it's never stopped USA from airing WWE
Replying to @davidbix
Even if they have like 4 more seasons, why are they showing them? The ratings can't be that good. Are they assuming people who watch don't care that this is a family of criminals and assholes?
This tweet belongs on a canvas in a building where they hold fancy $1,000 /plate dinners just to keep the doors open
This tweet is unavailable
I can't see Beth's hand and can only assume she's stuck her finger up Adam's asshole
"Hey, my wife and I saw you from across the bar and we really like your vibe. Can we buy you a drink?" #WWERAW
There's a PPV in Montreal next month. Not sure if you're aware of that. Maybe you should pause your takes and reassess your plan.
Seeing Sami Zayn get relegated from the #WrestleMania main event that quickly is something else. Like yes yes yes this’ll be good and Cody’s selling merch like crazy. But after the success of the Bloodline segment at the Rumble, I’d be pausing to reassess the plan. #WWERaw
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When the edibles hit at the precise moment your favorite song comes on
Poison whips so much ass
What is YOUR favorite ALICE COOPER song of ALL TIME? #AliceCooper…
Do you think he would be allowed to go to any concession stand and have that helmet filled with ice cream? That's probably my first move once the game starts TBH
Jerry Rice just pulled out all his Super Bowl rings on the sideline and FLEXED on Eagles fans 😳
57 years old
My tribute to Jay Briscoe. RIP ♥️
Ohhh that Peacock algo wants to fuck around
Paul hasn't taken one sip of that Mountain Dew Pitch Black
Paul's here to talk about the business. I guess I'll stay up until 2 AM. For the business, of course.
Black lights on for Bray Wyatt. Nice to see they're taking this presser seriously.
Sean Ross Sapp out here at the presser providing absolutely nothing of value. Fightful: Then. Now. Forever. Together.
That was the whole fuckin deal right there
Oh my god that stairs spot was brutal...YIKES
I know at times he can be an obnoxious, detestable, off-putting loud mouth but Ricochet deserves a lot of credit for hitting this move. #RoyalRumble.
Just The Fights