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Did they eat cake & drink wine
Pity council noise inspector Had a look around edgeware road. Especially restaurants abusing opening hours
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Be the bloke , who police stop for been in a overcoat, or not dressed properly
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Is carrie treating the men
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Love of my life is having money to eat , paybills. Not slobbering over a woman . Get your facts right.
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Should have thrown it under a train
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Bit like the mp who claimed for watching blue movies,
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Obviously they want us to be a 3rd world country . Paupers & have nothing
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When did Jimmy carr swap from been a comedian to been a police officer
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Should be tagging druggies ! Not bikes
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Anybody but him , would be be more safer with a palitoy action man, Wallace must be snake eyes, from the G.I Joe era
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Probably be a lynching party, organised by dominic Cummings
Wont be the first whipping, pincher has had after a good drink
Tacky environment surrounded by tacky Airbnb & tacky letting agents creaming of large rental profits
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Never been useful in the past . Always come after the horse as bolted
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Did carrie Johnson attend too
Should recruit partygate dogs too