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Rules for Submission: • Advertisements won't be accepted. • It needs to be a question, weird or not. • Slurs of any kind aren't allowed. • Please tag it as 18+ if it is 18+ • Questions phrased to harm or harass another Individual(s) will not be accepted. • No @'s or #'s
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“Why does Twitter User MeMe have the best takes?”
Hey! I’m back bitches. Got suspended for my april fools joke not being obvious enough, but fortunately they unsuspended me, and I’m back.
—————Update————— My Main @maxpogfrog has been suspended for unknown reasons but it will get resolved soon, and I should be back soon.
⚠️ NSFW ⚠️ “can butt plugs block my farts, also can they block poops?”
—————Update————— My account @MaxPogFrog has been limited by Twitter, for a week. Reason being “Hateful Conduct” despite the tweet being an obvious joke, which wasn’t at all aimed to threaten or harm. Especially since i’m apart of the minority, that I supposedly threatened.
“why do people like to fucking leak celeb dick?”
“why does my boyfriend choose his friends over me ??? /srs”
—————Update————— After thinking it thoroughly, I have decided to release who I am, as to establish responsibility over this account. I am @MaxPogFrog. This will not change how this account works, this will still be a judgement free zone, and will continue to stay that way.
"Why are the US and the UK, both have United in the name?"
———Update——— I have changed the Twitter name (below) so it’s easier to find, for people who want to submit questions. (AnonymousTweetQuestions -> Anonymous Questions from Twltter)
“how the frick do i get Motivation”
“What’s The Difference Between Intersex And Non-Binary?”
“what’s the origin of the t-slur, i feel so lost when people use it because it looks perfectly fine”
“i don’t want to be racist but what is the opposite of a uncle tom”
“How do I know if i’m Non-Binary or just a Male”
• The original account name was supposed to be, "AnonymousTwitterQuestions" but Twitter doesn't allow for "Twitter" to be in your name, so I went with, "Tweet"
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