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Dave McCullough sounds like a gay Republican Sorry Thom CLICK
Watching Thomm Hartman is making me furious at how Dave McCullough is making light of the homophobia in our country 😡
America is a place where money purchases Justice😡
I can't believe what is going on in this country. Not Trump or 1 Trump ally that stood with him on the podium and in his bunker on January 6th or conspired with him in his attempt to overthrow the government, 2 years later is under indictment. What has happened to this country?
Looking at the DOJ,FBI AND CIA MIA
That episode of the last of us was so beautiful The part that got me was the seducer saying "I will hit it and quit it and be gone in 3 days 10 years later😄 How many times have I heard that 😂
Stop lying bro. You killed the George Floyd act Instead of speaking,get into renegotiating 😡
Time & again I asked for common sense policies, such as the duty to intervene. They've been filibustered by the left. These are not “token” solutions. They are policies that would have made a difference in Memphis. Americans are sick of politics as usual & they want action now.
The War on Women has to Stop😡
Wow. Republican Jim Banks just expressed his support for preventing women from traveling across state lines to get reproductive care and said there needs to be stronger laws to prevent this at both the federal and state level. (h/t @HeartlandSignal)
Mike Pompeo was a failure and should never be President
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Anthony Ramey retweeted
If you think that the lawsuit MUST be dismissed after Donald Trump just sued legendary journalist Bob Woodward for $49 million in damages for using embarrassing interview recordings with Trump in the audiobook version of his popular book "Rage," retweet and follow us!
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Like suing your house for burning -after you set it on fire.…
This is priceless! Good one Bob Woodward!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
So Stephanie,when you tell the guys to pull out their organ I run to the screen with my camera to see which one will pull it out Shows my constant state of horny🤪
Now that is what weaponizing the Government looks like🤨