They’re basically making it illegal not to get COVID in Texas 😬
The situation in Dallas: - No virtual learning options; students must attend class in person - Schools are banned from requiring masks - Schools are not required to notify parents of covid cases - Parents attempting to enroll virtually in other cities…
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Aug 6, 2021 · 7:06 PM UTC

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Yea, saw that yesterday. My 12yo goes back to school in a few weeks. I'm terrified.
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Not unless you can get your kid out of the system. I'd hate to be a texan parent but I think I'd hate to be a texan in general
There’s strategy behind it. Don’t approach this as a political arena, but one of hybrid insurgency / counter. It’s the ripples and effects on their opponent fabrics which are prioritised. Remember how someone with a brown shirt once managed to get the passive ok from opponents.
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You think the kids whose parents have their kids wear masks won’t be teased & tormented by the kids of the anti-mask parents? I don’t envy teachers who have to try to navigate the political divisions in this country & still be responsible to keep all the kids safe. At all. SMDH
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My nightmare scenario is that a new variant comes through that just decimates children under the age of 18. And it will be too late to stop it then
I swear, the next email from the school about starting Thursday is just going to be this clip from The Hunger Games.
TX schools are required to notify all parents if there’s a case of head lice in the classroom, but not covid. 🤷‍♀️