If you believe everything you thought you knew about this young man….please read this. Unless your mind Is already made up based on inaccuracies given you by the media.
bariweiss.substack.com/p/the… For those who didn't follow this trial closely, or in passing, or relied on media reportage, please read.
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I think on any narrative where both sides are passionate about the outcome, you'll see people embellishing the truth. The real problem here is that a 17 year old thought it was ok to show up at a protest 20 miles from home armed with an AR-15. In no scenario can you say that's ok

Nov 21, 2021 · 9:34 PM UTC

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What does the “20 miles from home” have to do with anything? He has family in Kenosha. He works in Kenosha. I don’t understand why this is always a point trying to be made. And at 17 it’s legal for him to own that gun and legal to open carry. Why act like he was breaking the law?
So you can honestly say that allowing a minor to head to a protest with an AR-15 is ok? Would you let your kid do it?