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I mean, there is a point there. The result (whether or not it was the goal) of English public schools was to create class consciousness and solidarity among the upper class. As we (now) know, Rowling’s pretty reactionary.
How much Rowling venerates and romanticizes boarding schools made me think as a kid "eww she seems really conservative", the only surprising thing about her arc is that people mindhacked themselves into being surprised she's a villain
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for what it's worth, she's been open about her hate for the UK Conservative party and welfare cuts.

Nov 9, 2021 · 12:56 PM UTC

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She also said her problem with Corbyn wasn't his taxing of the rich, just that he wouldn't fare well in an election, then as Labour went up on the polls she suddenly grew absolutely silent until right before the election when she became loudly pro-LibDem lol
well the predictions were spot-on, Corbyn brought the Labour party to a record-breaking defeat in 2019, in an election he voted to make happen (he voted to dissolve Parl). Labour's worst election result since 1935! JK Rowling still supported Labour as a party, despite Corbyn.