We're backing @Britishvolt to power ahead with plans to build an electric battery Gigaplant in Northumberland⚡🔋 Helping drive forward the UK’s energy transition, creating over 3000 jobs & levelling up the Northeast. gov.uk/government/news/gover… #PlanForJobs #UnleashingInnovation

Jan 21, 2022 · 5:00 AM UTC

Are you also building a new giga-dump site next to that plant to dispose of all those dead batteries at the end of their life ?
Dude they are very valuable, no one will be throwing them away. Please can I have yours at the end of their car life? I'll power me house for a few days with it still.
How much will your subsidies of this #Gigafactory cost the UK taxpayer ? How many EV batteries will it be able to export to EU ? @Tesla would have built it for free, but for #Brexit rather than in Berlin
So...which Tory Donor is getting rich out of this one then?
No idea, Peter Selwyn Gummer on the board though.
a BRIBE to come to little england.... then a bribe to stay in little england, all done with TAX PAYERS money
Are you training enough people with required skills for these jobs
How will we export them when there are such gargantuan lorry queues approaching Dover?