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My son worked really really hard to get into University and plans to study geography. People keep telling him getting a degree especially in that subject is a waste of time. Please stop.
This looks like a decent read.
Going to France on holiday next week, Perigueux down to Tarn. Appropriate holiday reading packed @StuartElden
The @AngusCouncil area has to be one of the most stunning in Scotland. This is #Glenisla.
You're correct about #Partygate @AnnelieseDodds. But instead of asking the PM to take responsibility, would it not be better to impose the responsibility upon him? He has been 'snared a weaker' as we say in Belfast.
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Gloomily perceptive from @TomMcTague: "Northern Ireland is a permanent problem, one involving endless fixes, fudges, bargains, & compromises that'll bedevil the relationship between London and Brussels from here ever-evolving, never-ending Brexit".…
Lord Trimble on the Protocol: "Consent and democratic legitimacy have been torn from the province by the Protocol. This is why I and other unionist leaders intend taking our legal challenge to the Supreme Court." What would happen in the meantime, though? @BelTel @BenLowry2
I have probably seen 100s of photos of the #RussianInvasion of Ukraine, but none as striking as this one in yesterday's @dailytelegraph. It depicts a Ukrainian fighter being anointed by the light at the Azovstal steel plant, where excavation of wounded soldiers is due to begin.
A worrying trend.
What's driving inflation? Very interesting breakdown from the Bank of England:
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Unionists have indeed been sold a pup and not just yesterday. The PM is the worst kind of politician. He has reputation for triangulation—proposing policies and ideas to Unionists, but tweaking and marketing them so as to appeal to his Westminster cabal. @StephenNolan @JP_Biz
Tonight there's a massive game for Scottish football in stiflingly hot #Sevilla. There's history to be made, but it won't be easy.
The way the media treated #RichardJewell reminded me of "The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies". Both men were played brilliantly by Paul Walter Hauser and @Jason__Watkins respectively. Real stories about real people who got railroaded. #malpaso
Another quality album from @bearsdenmusic. Some of the best folk rock music I've heard.
This is getting more confusing @BrandonLewis: You say that, NI is an envious position with unique access to the ESM - it bounds NI to #EU quality standards, but not GB. Sounds like the #Brexiteers have offloaded the responsibility of their mess onto NI.
On @bbcradioulster a caller was discussing the #Protocol. I also heard them talking about "an exercise for the intellectually arthritic". Quite the turn of phrase! Good show as always from @csbuckler & the team there.
Looking good #Pitmuies. A colourful day out in Angus. @Visit_Angus #visitangus.
An insightfully informative discussion on the NI Protocol.
Are you (like me) a little confused over the NI Protocol and why it is such a problem - fear not, stick on the kettle and take 20mins to listen to our podcast on it. #NIProtocol…