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Lastly, if Japan had ruled over us, wouldn't the system be as prosperous and united as Japan did? why not not same?
I'm sorry for talking too much, I'm at peace on the inside, but I'm with people who recognize freedom of expression and protest I'm happy even if I live as a begga
If the friends here help, the poor people will at least survive. We've progressed this much Help from all over the world I've been living so well thank you thank you Continue to tweet me
My history the ead.. Only people living like me pitiful and sad
Thanks to those who gave me a chance, and How great the happiness we are together is. to be treated with respect Talking with friends rather than happiness is surrendering every day because freedom
concealment. sorry about that Now I have to live in conformity with this system
The will to learn and follow democratic America is now Time keeps going backwards They are creating the world on their own The master, the boss, and the jolbyong Life is plentiful, but time passes A world where people live freely and equally But history goes back to distortionand
Even now, as it is now, from that time on, they penetrated into politics, economy, and society as leaders of overall social elements and established a foundation. We've all made a system On the surface, we are a democracy, but struggles and divisions are still ongoing.
he was assassinated without ever being elected president, who would it be? Then, as President Syngman Rhee was elected and appointed Prime Minister Abjab, a monk who knew Korea well, now they A new vision, a path for independent survival has been create
I didn't know about Korea. At that time, there was a leader, Mr. Kim Gu. Mr. Kim Gu was really a man who roamed the Manchurian field in charge of the independence movement, and was the first president in charge of general affairs in Japan. However,
The plan is to infiltrate a social organization and establish a social position After Germany's defeat, Germany liquidated its history of defeat. we failed Is it President Syngman Rhee who established their foundation? Did he come to Korea from an American studying abroad?
After the U.S. invasion of Incheon When we recaptured Seoul and was liberated? What were they doing? They had to come up with a plan that risked their survival The plan is to establish their own identity, life, and re-establishment and had a plan to be absorbed
Even now, they insist on collective science and legitimacy and are divided Divide the psyche and people and line up, maybe that's It's destiny Under Japanese colonial rule, the pro-Japanese Abjabs lived well Even now, descendants inherit and live well
It is a system that has to live with the spirit and behavior that they have already experienced in the military. After all, we do not know unity Neither Japan nor China, each individual must conform to the spirit and rules to have solidarity
legitimacy suffer burial or suffering in society. In other words, the truth is that you have to eat the bread the boss gives you and listen to what you say to achieve success. It is already imprinted on each head when they come out of the military.
I get hit every day by a member of the organization Because in the past, those who deviate from the conventional wisdom or those who try to go against the traditions who violate the ideology or make a declaration of conscience claiming
What's even funnier is that it's not fair. Exposing corruption in the unit or corruption in the company A person who exposes corruption in public affairs will be stamped with one mandi and be expelled from the organization as the number one priority for bullying.
Documents and background from formalism rather than individual ability family relationships and The better the composition, such as from a person of merit, the faster it succeeds.
raise me Modern absolute loyalty is a prerequisite You should know how to do well with your father and make your boss happy. succeed In particular, if you do well at a drinking party, you will be promoted quickly.
So, in order to enjoy a good job and a lifelong stable life, people Whether or not you hold the line well, you have to stand in line to be successful and successful. So the leader of the squad is You are my God and my father Because you feed me and