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Eduard Spertsyan. Remember the name.
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Very good player, we should sign him, won't cost much.
Thoughts on Arnau Martinez? 🇪🇸
eric garcia with another woeful display. its insane how he earns over 50k per week. doesn't convince me at all
some armenian retweeted
Them teaming up for prison ball
Is there any top striker around his height (172)? The likes of r9 suarez lewy are much taller. Also he’s about to be 18 so not much time left for growth in height
🔄 (ROQUE): Vitor Roque will do whatever is necessary to play for Barcelona. There'll be no auctions for him. • His price can be €30m plus variables but Ath. Paranaense will accept a payment in 3 installments, which is great for Barça. #FCB 🇧🇷 Via (🟢): @joaquimpiera [sport]
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too soon but we tried to sell kessie and raphinha is available?
🗣️ – @MatteMoretto to @carpetasFCB: "I know that there are clubs interested in Ferran Torres. I can't tell you which but there are more than 2. I think they've explored the possibility of signing him in the summer but I think that talking about his possible exit is too soon now."
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spertsyan may as well leave krasnodar now, doesn't make any difference even if he wants to be loyal to his team. regardless of where krasnodar finishes, there won't be any european football for russian clubs next season, and krasnodar isn't winning the league or relegating either
I don’t get why we can’t get sign any players, or even register contracts. We got rid of Pique’s big salary and Memphis left with a fee. What else is needed? This la liga ffp system is horrible.
Balde is very fast and extremely difficult to beat in 1v1s but his defensive positioning is very poor and physically not ready yet. I think we'd see Saka create a lot of danger from the right flank in such a matchup, because Balde would be often be out of position
Need to see Bukayo up against Balde and Davies. Black excellence all round.
tf is this
How many talented Armenian coaches would have DREAMED of receiving this job? And yet they give it to a Ukrainian guy? Yet another example of the Pashinyan regime caving to NATO?
out of context but she looks like the female version of gavi
Meet Nelly💛 During the war, Nelly & her mother burned down their house in #Artsakh & found refuge in #Armenia. We need your help to #raise $ 1000. Let’s change the future of this wonderful family together. To learn more and donate, please visit
armenians forget really quickly
babera is better than alarcon, he should be given a chance in the first team on sunday
i asked for alarcon not busquets and christensen
first ansu goal where we saw his qualities, lets go
hapinha, the greatest small game player
crazy how balde is barca's 2nd best dribbler. he's a teenage fullback from the academy in a barca team that has spent hundreds of millions on wingers recently
levels above ansu in terms of dribbling. ansu is so static compared to balde
full house is just felo and mushegh getting beaten up repeatedly. this is why voske dproc and azizyanner >>>
Update: Pablo Torre: 7/10 (hasn't played much but is still promising) Kessie: 4/10 Christensen: 8.5/10 Raphinha: 6.5/10 Dembele: 9/10 Lewandowski: 9.5/10 Kounde: 9/10 Alonso: 6/10 Overall window: 8/10, some flaws but the window helped the team massively
Rating our summer signings Pablo Torre: 9/10 Kessie: 7/10 Christensen: 7.5/10 Raphinha: 8.5/10 Dembele: 9/10 Lewandowski: 9.5/10 Kounde: 9/10 Alonso (?): 5.5/10 Overall window: 9.5/10
Replying to @MisterCuler
I’ll laugh if either chelsea or utd break the bank for antony