Sri KN Kasmikoya of Chetlat island has been appointed as the State President of @BJP4Lakshadweep by @BJP4India National President Sri @JPNadda . The outgoing President Sri Abdul Khader Haji had brought good dynamism to the party unit .

Jan 9, 2022 · 8:08 AM UTC

i dont understand this...muslim majority states or district why bjp include them anyway they wont trust bjp neither bjp trust them...all drama to please these beechwale 2rs seculars which no party supporters nor ppl of this country cares...#templebells...sorry...
Sir please change BJP state president @nalinkateel.he has been a very big let down. We need a dynamic President who can see face to face and be accountable.
Is there any aggressive leader in karnataka except ct ravi?