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How do you think Jim Comey, FBI executive official, is a standard of genteel in the US?
I have spotted some guys who living in China to avoiding contact with some information which be black by government.
Pelosi’s delegation had arrived Taiwan airport in last day,and China government institutions have announced that will be damaged safely and coordinating situation among China,Taiwan and US, but I think there will no any over-control the action of military, and Chinese shows silly
You know I have met a girl named QQ, and I think she is a very kind girl. and I love her very much.
Hi guys, I don't know whether you think America is great country or not, but every party has to struggled with his republicans.
More safety in China
Today,professors routinely treat the progressive interpretation of history and progressive public policy as the proper subject of study.
No more to share,just want do more about it.
Live is not easy for everyone
Hi Guys,I'm here again.
I am here waiting for lunch. Lol
Easy. Guy. And you will earn more more tomorrow lol
It just hit me 😩 that tomorrow is Monday 😢.
I hate Walmart
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Wow. How could be?
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Great place
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I am here. Lol. I got a chance to log the Twitter . Here is an amazing place