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One more reason to stay away from Starbucks. 1) They don't want you carry concealed even when you are permitted. 2) Their coffee is not that good and WAY overpriced. 3) Union workers will only make things worse.
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Governments answer to every question is more government. Always.
FEMA redistributed $1.7 billion dollars of taxpayers money..... #FIFY
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@GovofCO compared abortion to getting a nose job. So.....
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Chicana is sexist. Did you know that?
Because this is an election year.....
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Imagine of he had been a conservative at a Trump rally. The outcome would have been very different.
And Aurora dives deeper into the cesspool.....
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It depends on the type of business and traffic issues.
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What is stupid is the trillion$$$ governments have spent to stop "illegal" drugs. How has that worked? Drugs should be legalized, controlled and taxed. That tax money would be spent on rehab programs. Simple.
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Because criminals always follow laws. Right?