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SEC charges Kim Kardashian for failing to disclose that she was paid to tout crypto on her social feeds. Tells her to disgorge more than $1 million.…
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Not the first to say this today but - Brazil has a better electoral system than the United States. We will know the full results, and we will be able to trust them with a high degree of confidence, hours after voting ends
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As the weather cools, I swim to shallower, warmer waters to build my nest. Please be wary of all swamps and wetlands this fall as, if I catch you, I *will* drag you down to feed my babies.
Blonde is not a good movie at all, but it's interesting that people are so mad at it, it is kind of just dramatizing Dworkin's critique of the patriarchy
everybody say it with me: Dark Alf Reboot
Alf Sitcom Finale (1990) At the end of season 4, ALF attempts to rejoin his alien family. Just before he reconnects with the incoming spaceship, the U.S. military captures him. The episode ends with “To be continued” but NBC would cancel the series before its 5th season.
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The San Bernardino Sheriff shot and killed a 15-year-old kidnapping victim as she ran towards them to seek help.
BREAKING: SB Sheriff says both suspect and 15 year old daughter were killed after shoot out with deputies. Sheriff says girl was wearing tactical gear and ran towards deputies during fire fight.
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I love cats
cats evolved the meow because it sounds like a baby cooing to hijack our "take care of baby" impulse and they did such a good job. hello baby, i'd like to take care of you
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Get ready for an NYT Op-ed about human rights abuses in Colombia!
“We serve you to only to fill the emptiness and loneliness of your own society” If you do one thing today, watch this speech by Colombia’s president at the UN. 1/2
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they yassified the panopticon
if this mf doesn’t quantum leap into the Wuhan Institute of Virology in June 2019…
There’s still time to change the past. Quantum Leap premieres Monday Sep 19 at 10/9c on @NBC and streaming on @Peacock.
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You might know that we're heading towards a possible rail strike. What most of the media might not tell you is why. Railroad workers have been working for 3 years without a contract, and now railroad companies are holding the economy hostage to deny them a single sick day. 🧵
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I knew this font looked familiar lmaooooooo #Barbarian
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Absolutely wild how the most important story in the country right now is an impending strike of 125,000 railroad workers that will devastate supply chains and no one is covering it because it’d be virtually impossible to avoid that the unions are completely in the right here
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the queen died but honestly Naruto been through so much more. The hardships he’s faced aren’t even comparable to dying of old age. Until the queen has done what Naruto has done I don’t feel sympathy.
Leg Day = Leg Day Back Day = Wing Day Chest Day = Breast Day
RIP to one of the greats
Joey Jordison “Eyeless” Intro Breakdown (2000)
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all the Chris Pine speculation is fun, sure, but the man is clearly just stoned out of his mind. look at him
amazing thread
Thread. 1/ What happened to CNN? I worked there for 18 years. This is what happened. Everyone wants to know why CNN is shifting. Let me explain why. What Fox News gets that MSNBC and CNN don’t get… Each quarter, the Cable Operators release their subscriber base.
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