Some person you will probably never meet with an opinion you may or may not agree with. Adding me to lists without permission gets you blocked.

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Gets called out for being racist, throws teddies out of the pram.
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The problem with calling everybody a fascist is that you will no longer be able to tell who the real fascist is. And actual hateful fascists won’t even see themselves or their views as fascist anymore.
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Following Tom @tem18200304 for his legendary replies to the abuse he's been getting from #JackTheRipoff supporters over a potato. @bootstrapcook
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Not really, they just look like shite roast potatoes
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Both the £ and the € are down against the US $, this is mainly because the US has secure energy supplies within its own borders. If we had started fracking two years ago so would we. The faster we start the sooner the pound will rise.
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I bet he hasn't used the same thought process with the jabs.
If years from now it is all revealed that my overcautious approach to Covid was all for nothing, I will apologize to my family and friends. Will you do the same if you find out you were wrong, and Covid damages or kills you or the ones you love? #CovidIsntOver #COVID19
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*wife from the next room* "I hope you haven't spent all your months wages on something expensive and unnecessary again" Me:
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Naked politics disguised as law by the fox murderer. And of course, all funded by donations from the gullible.
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Social credit system incoming.
Well isn't that interesting? You'd think that viewing the bodycam footage would make them more determined to get justice. Unless, of course, that bodycam footage reveals that the police's actions were justified.
Chris Kaba's family has now seen the police body-cam footage. After watching, Kaba's cousin Jefferson Bosela said the family wants 'justice' but they would now be taking a 'step back' after some initial campaigning following Kaba's death.…
PayPal closing down the accounts of organisations they may disagree with is so sinister. It’s not their responsibility to police thoughts/ideas. That’s the new way now is it? Don’t agree with someone? Erase them from existence. That needs to be resisted. Ridiculous behaviour.
Oh, it seems that last week wasn't the first time. #OBINGO
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My agents at @TBP_agency know it too. They have my past formal complaint of racism to @LBC against @MrJamesOB logged. It is ALL ON RECORD. Man tried to act hood with me & test my patience. Enough.
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Femi calls others zealots. That takes first place in the accusing others of that which you yourself are competition, doesn't it?
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By "You people", I mean: People who still support Brexit despite the government they voted for admitting it's damaged our economy worse than a planet-crippling pandemic. I have no problem referring to "you people" disparagingly. Why? You are harmful zealots, by definition.
Zealot noun a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.
Zarah Sultana has been wonderfully owned by an LNER employee. Great stuff, well done Cameron.
I am sorry for the delay, Zarah. This was due to damage to the overhead electric wires meaning services could not move around Stevenage, but services are now on the move. On your other point, LNER is owned by the DfT after the franchise was handed back in 2018. ^Cameron
It's one thing for members of the public to openly mock slebs but quite another for companies to do it. I'd say This Morning is about to undergo a period of change. #HollyandPhil
Apologies to anyone waiting on their pizza, we've just received an order from Holly and Phil #ThisMorning
That's just brilliant. KFC has gone up considerably in my estimation.
The KFC twitter account only follows 11 people. The 5 spice girls & 6 guys named herb. This is bc of their “secret blend” of 11 herbs and spices. The 1st person to notice and point this out was sent a painting of himself holding a drumstick while riding piggyback on the Colonel.
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If you're not moved by #WestminsterAbbey #QueenElizabeth and all the Royal pomp & pageantry then take at look at this cartoon and think of someone you love. That's the bottom line. 🙏💔#loss #family #grieving
If you're British, be proud. #queensfuneral
Whatever you think of Andrew do remember that he never stopped being in service of the monarch and that's why he was allowed to wear the cipher on his uniform.