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Will Republicans blame Biden for the nationwide champagne shortage incoming following the indictment of Donald Trump?
Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!
Replying to @MarshaBlackburn
They sure did Marsha Corruption
China owns that last guy! And Russia as well, apparently.
Typical GQP
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In 2000 you were charged with felony bribery as part of a scheme to defraud a bank.
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SCARED, MUCH!? Ron DeSantis is already sending his aides and paid trolls to attack us because we already have 6,600 followers in only 2 days, but we won’t be deterred. If you think he’s a fascist who must NEVER be president, please RT & follow us to help us get to 10k by tonight!
No surprise here.🫤
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Care to comment on losing $300 million from FL State employees pension because you refused to divest from Russia?
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Ron calls WOKE any Jew who takes offense when flyer left at their homes in Palm Beach What did Officials do? Give them tickets for loitering
Money can buy all sorts of things! 😡
THIS IS WHO DONALD TRUMP IS She was 13, a virgin. Trump went 1st Tied her up with nylons. Epstein 2nd... complained to her "i should have been 1st" Trump went 3rd and 4th, violently beating her. Charges dropped 5 days before 2016 election. Father & Family threatened
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2 of the 3 banks were heavy in Crypto. The latest, Signature Bank, was a heavy lender in the past to Trump, and Ivanka served on the board at one time. But yeah... it's Biden's fault. LOL.
I don't normally retweet my own tweets, but I like this one 😃
A lot of people seem to think that. Law and Order!! folks. " But your Honor, my client was simply attempting to keep that flagpole from bouncing up and down on that policeman's head." And from a different angle you can plainly see that six foot spear is a merely a 1 1/2'' circle
Imagine that
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The Dominion defamation lawsuit has just entered the chat with your texts, Tuckems #NeverForgetJanuary6th
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What happened to the republican party?
The GQP telling it like it isn't
20 + years of GOP majority in your home state and district . Your shining example of better, is what exactly ?
He also lies on occasion, And he rises to every occasion. Ergo, escargot 😃
Tucker Carlson is an Disgusting Asshole, RT if you agree!…
This is one of the rare times he told the truth
It’s a good time to revisit what Tucker Carlson said in 2003 about Bill O’Reilly: “O’Reilly success is built on the perception that he really is who he claims to be. If he ever gets caught out of character, it’s over. There’s a deep phoniness at the center of his shtik.”
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But the deficit!
Replying to @SenRickScott
I wonder where they got the money to fund such a thing...
Because China OWNS trump!
MUST READ Why was donald trump protecting China and President Xi and helping them cover-up Covid? Americans DESERVE to know why trump put his business interests in China before the American People.