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"Usopp leaving the crew is the single best subplot Oda has ever writter." @EmperorDrizzt my god damn man!
Caught up on One Piece
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I finally put 2 and 2 together. @MaryKayCabot absolutely called this... and she was crucified
I haven't smoked in 6 weeks, but it's good to know I can still get that toxic anxiety inducing feeling by opening up #BrownsTwitter 😂😭
They straight up broke the bank with that episode of #OusamaRanking so damn good!
I’m happy that Jarvis Landry finally said something. The thing that has me worried is that potentially 3 key players injuries were mismanagement with Baker, Conklin and now Jarvis... #Browns
Top tier fight
New chapter of Shadow Soul have dropped its the 6th fight chapter with 2 to go. webtoons.com/en/challenge/sh… @KingOfLighting @YoshidaShoyou @webtooncanvas
I wake up, and all I see is Australian on Australian crime on the TL
God damn that #OusamaRanking hype!
I can’t think of a current player I hate more than Odell Beckham Jr. I would shake Lamar Jackson’s hand before OBJ’s
You gotta love the revisionist history with OBJ. Next they’re going to be saying the people of Cleveland voted to move their team to Baltimore in 96
Is it just me, or does OBJ’s smile remind you of James Franco? It always looks like he’s up to no good 😂
Queen Hilling = goat #OusamaRanking
Seeing the Bengals go to the super bowl as a Browns fan is like seeing your ex get married. A part of you is jealous, a part of you is happy for them, a part of you is sad, a part of you is surprised... but mostly you don’t give a shit because it ain’t you
I’m going to root for the Bengals. Fuck the Chiefs. They squashed the Browns dreams in 2020 and incidentally, they squashed their dreams in 2021 by losing to the Bengals in the regular season.
Also fuck Odell, I was ready to forgive him and move on until the Von Miller report came out
Redforce Podcast is the the goat OP YouTube channel
My faith is partially restored
Baker Mayfield says that he’s getting off social media “for the foreseeable future…” #Browns