Anchor/Reporter Fox4 in D-FW. Chopper guy 12 years before moving into the studio in '08. Love area & people! TCA & TCU Alum. Emmy winner. Not monitored 24/7

Dallas/Ft. Worth
Joined May 2009
FW: Wrecker at NB35W trouble at Sycamore School RL. NB35W/170 crash clear. NB E Loop/Sun Valley crash remains LL. Irving: Wrecker at WB114/Walnut Hill wreck 2LL.
Irving: Bad crash WB114 @ Walnut Hill Ln & only RL gets by.
FW: 2LL now blocked NB E Loop @ Sun Valley. Backup to 20. NB35W/Sycamore School prob remains RL. NB35W exit to 170 still blocked by crash cleanup. Nothing new on Dallas county highways.
FW: Crash NB E Loop @ Sun Valley CL. NB35W/Sycamore School prob remains RL. Cleanup continues NB35W exit to 170. Ramp is still blocked. Frisco incident NB DNT @ ElDorado Pkwy blocks 2LL.
Frisco: Stall NB DNT @ Eldorado Pkwy RL. FW stall NB35W @ Sycamore School blocks RL. Also NB35W exit to 170 still blocked by crash.
FW: New trouble NB35W @ Sycamore School Rd. RL. Also NB35W exit to 170 blocked by crash. Arlington to FW: Incident WB30 near Cooks Ln on right side of highway.
FW: NB35W crash be4 20 remains 2RL & now trouble NB35W @ 170. WB30 @ Cooks Ln-stall RL. Irving stall NB Loop 12 past 114 cleared off the highway.
FW: Wrecker at NB35W crash be4 20 2RL. Irving: Stall NB Loop 12 past 114 RL. Courtesy patrol on scene.
FW: Trouble NB35W before 20 2RL. Backup growing fast past Rendon-Crowley. FB to Irving: Stall SB GBT @ LBJ RL.
Dallas: crash NB35EXpress at Royal LL. Wrecker on scene. Irving crash clear SB GBT to WB183 & all lanes now open. Plano: Stall WB GBT @ Preston exit.
Uh oh. SB GBT ramp to WB183 now CLOSED by crash. Dallas issues WB30 past Dolphin plus SB75 @ Walnut Hill clear.
Dallas: WB30 past Dolphin Rd - crash blocks 2LL & part of HOV transition. SB75 @ Walnut Hill - stalled semi RL. Irving: Trouble SB GBT ramp to WB183, but traffic can pass by.
Dallas: Brief trouble WB20 @ 67, but emergency crews cleared it quickly. WB LBJ/Plano Rd stall remains RL.
Garland to Dallas: Trouble WB LBJ @ Plano Rd RL. Nothing new on other DFW area highways/toll roads.
Balch Springs: Crash SB LBJ near Seagoville Rd & only RL open. SB35E/Colorado investigation finished & all lanes now OPEN. Irving: Slow rolling closure NB Loop 12 @ Union Bower.
Dallas update: LL of SB35E now OPEN at Colorado Blvd & DSO continues investigation. Irving roadwork starting to clear NB Loop 12 past Shady Grove. Arlington crash CLEAR SB360 approaching 30.
Dallas: SB35E CLOSED at Colorado Blvd due to DSO crash investigation. GP to Arlington: SB360 CLOSED approaching 30 due to crash.
Dallas UPDATE: Closure of NB75 just moved UP to the LBJ ramps. Backup starts at NWHWY. NB35E/Medical District crash blocks RL. Mesquite mishap EB80 Before LBJ remains RL.
Mesquite: Crash EB80 before LBJ RL. Dallas: Crash NB35E@ Medical District RL. Emergency crews on the way. NB75 still CLOSED at Forest Ln due to Dallas police investigation.
Lewisville: Brief trouble NB35E @ Round Grove LL, but crews cleared it quickly. Garland to Rockwall: EB30 crash at Dalrock clearing from 2LL. Dallas: NB75 still CLOSED at Forest due to investigation in the High-5. Avoid the area.