Old and grumpy. 35% of the world’s population only have dirty water, lack food, and are exposed to pests and disease. What are you moaning about?

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NEW FACTORY: British confectionery manufacturer Swizzels Matlow, best known for its Love Hearts, Drumstick and Parma Violets sweets, is building a new 158,000 sq ft production facility in Middlewich, Cheshire. #UKmfg🇬🇧
Having had a couple of large gins, considered the state of the world, mulled it over; I have decided it’s time for the PM to get the real 007 to get the job sorted and save the day. P Mordaunt could be his “Bond girl”.
It’s been underfunded since it’s inception sweetie. Rather a silly tweet. Interesting that this government increased NI to increase funding, which is what it was designed to do, and there’s outrage from the political left. It’s not perfect but it’s better than any other option.
Bit of a stretch to compare the two old son…..Comparisons like this undermine any argument you might have.
Been in Spain for three weeks. Avoided all the storms and even more important didn’t look at Twitter. Very peaceful and the world hasn’t ended.
I'm still perplexed as to: 1) Why the Conservative Party leader doesn't attend a Christmas party held at No. 10, but 2) The Labour Party leader does attend a Party during a visit to Durham, but the former is culpable according to the media, yet the latter... *silence* ?
Suggested reading regarding COVID 19
Честно говоря, я британец. Я сейчас проголосую за своего любимого кандидата, как и дома.
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We’re excited to announce GB News will be available in HD on Sky channel 515 and Virgin Media channel 626.
No other industry could rely on such government support so why should farming. There is no strategic imperative for such huge support not since the world wars. Things have changed and so must U.K. agriculture. Sentiment should not form part of political or economic reality.
The world has changed and is changing faster every day. Farming and farmers are a little slow to grasp change. They are controlled by huge emotional ties to the land and their farms but they do need to change and it will inevitably hurt some.
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Same with foreign aid. Make sure people know that every extra on spending comes out if THEIR pockets and not out of some magic hole in a wall.
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