Old and grumpy. 35% of the world’s population only have dirty water, lack food, and are exposed to pests and disease. What are you moaning about?

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I think,Sir, that you should delete this tweet. I’m sure you are not as stupid as this rather ill thought out tweet suggests. A momentary aberration perhaps. An opportunity presents itself to try again…perhaps.
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Suggest you check your sums with @MarinaPurkiss
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Interesting Irish joke…….
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Your ability to tweet bollocks remains undiminished, despite Brexit, inflation, Putin, Global warming, Boris Johnson and the all the other things that you feel will contribute to the end of the world. Ye Gods..you must be bloody miserable to live with.
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Perhaps he didn’t mean earning money!
@BBCBreakfast Very sad for parents but “In practical terms only” the fundamental problem was that the parents would not allow Brain Stem Death test to be undertaken. This resulted in unnecessary protracted court involvement and huge cost to Court system and NHS.
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Not sure the model of old and failed political and social systems is the best way to approach the future. Your image of “the poor” and the “working class” is as outdated as as these systems. Re- educate yourself.
@BBCFarmingToday it would be interesting to know how the use of foreign labour and climate is affecting veg production in those countries that we import from and not just Carrot and Broccoli growers in the U.K. My guess is there is not just a U.K. problem.
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Let’s make everything free….
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Move to France.
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This cat appears to be cooking his own dinner.😺
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Your understanding of how Ofgem works is inadequate. Your solidarity, as a wealthy person, (like me), who is clearly less affected with the rise in the cost of living, with those who will find difficulty in paying for energy is commendable. Your tweeting rubbish is consistent.
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No…it’s certainly buggered up my arthritis
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Let’s be clear, this is so they can lower bills even more quickly. (Just trying to balance things old chum….)
There has to be more to the story than this!
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Those Labour Central Office people are posting stickers everywhere…Litter louts…
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As an Agricultural advisor for over 40 years I can say without any equivocation you know “Sweet F A” about Neonics except possibly what you read in the Guardian. I suggest you stick to TV et.al. which it does appear you have some knowledge of…perhaps.
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Because he didn’t want you to moan about the fact that he was there?
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How much tax was paid by BT? How much tax was paid by CEO? - If you want to tell stories maybe avoid fantasy…