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I receive fake comments all the time and they’re always from right wing troll accounts or a Bernie Sanders supporters, at least that’s what they say they are
You’re right, he probably just loves Russia because he’s a dick
You clearly haven’t been bombarded by troll accounts posing as Republicans! You’re probably a troll anyway, dope
No doubt that Trump received help from Russians and others; he spent way too much time obstructing the investigation to be innocent! You can go back to your trolling now, fool
Replying to @MollyJongFast
Because there’s one political party that has a lot to lose if more people find it easier to vote
Replying to @RonFilipkowski
Republicans must realize they have zero chance of winning this seat, so they don’t care that they put up a total ass clown
Replying to @danhill2011
You too realize that monkey pox isn’t new, right? Put down the Alex Jones and actually do some reading, you fool
You do realize that if that happens Republicans will lose 90% of the accounts that follow them, right?
Replying to @davidfrum
I’m beginning to think Leona Helmsley was right about Trump; she insisted he was secretly gay which would explain what the Russians probably have on him
Replying to @CraigRozniecki
If you listen to right wing talk radio, you would know that this is no joke; these people are planning for Civil War and we need to be prepared
Replying to @RudyGiuliani
How could Rudy even remember that, he was probably drunk off his droopy old ass
Replying to @realDailyWire
I don’t take political cues from the kind of people that you wouldn’t leave your minor child alone with
Replying to @GOP
I think you guys are confused; that was the Trump game plan for almost everything
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I really wish Leona Helmsley was still alive; she insisted that Donald Trump was secretly gay and I believed her
Replying to @GOP
Fake numbers from a fake political party; it is you who is not going to replace us!
Replying to @ACTBrigitte
Do tell? Voter fraud is a Republican fantasy but for some reason the only time they seem to catch people it’s always Republicans
Replying to @ACTBrigitte
This is how we all understand that Republicans are corrupt and have no ideas; their master plan is to make it harder for people to vote so that less people vote
Everything about Elon Musk screams narcissistic sociopath pervert! Goodbye, troll
Just for the sake of all the other trolls who might slam me with more nonsense; I no longer get my news from CNN, asswipe
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As opposed to when Trump was president and it just got through; Why don’t you cut the demand of drugs by not making the American people completely miserable